Top Dog Sports Camps. Where Fido Can Be The Camp Champ!

Top Dog Sports Camps—Where Fido can be the camp champ

“Dogs need a vacation from the human world, a place where they can be free from the leash and be their “dog selves,”socialize with other dogs in nature, and get lots of fresh air and exercise.People need a safe place in nature where they can take a vacation that is fun for both of them and their dog” Camp Unleashed.Annie Brody,Founder & Chief Woof Officer via Fido Friendly, Summer 2014.

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For dog lovers dreaming of their own perfect pet vacay with Fido,canine camps are guaranteed to capture every dog lover’s quest for adventure.With so many stimulating canine camps to choose from, you can work up a thirst hiking and participating in your favorite dog-related sports. Canine sports camps are committed to not only the perfection of all dog sports, but to giving back the fun that all pet parents should have with their dogs ,in a way that is making a real difference.When you sign up for dog camp with your best friend, you’re both in for a fun time.


Image Credit: Camp Unleashed

Hikes, agility, dock diving,nosework, herding, clicker training and plenty of other exciting activities for both you and Fido have been especially crafted so that no matter your energy level, everyone can enjoy their experience.Depending on both you and Fido’s level of fitness, age and health, you can choose to sign up for less strenuous activities, or just hang out and enjoy the beauty of the Montana landscape where Yellowstone Dog Sports is located.

Located near Red Lodge, Montana, Yellowstone Dog Camp offers canine massage, agility, swimming, dock diving and even nosework.Pet-lovers know that they can try out new activities ,or deal with common canine problems when signing up at the Yellowstone Dog Camp.The only dog camp to offer overnight camps during three seasons-Winter,Spring/Summer and Fall, and offers unique on-site accommodation with an indoor canine event center close to the Yellowstone Park.

It may offer delicious, freshly- prepared food with all can eat and vegetarian options, but don’t be fooled- Summer Camp Gone To The Dogs takes place on 250-acres of Marlboro College and offers herding, dock diving, breed handling, teaching obedience classes the positive way, and the Wellington Touch.There are 40 to 50 activities per day. Fall camps take place at the Mountaineer Inn, Vermont, on 8 grassy and shaded acres bordered by a brook, where you can choose a 5-mile walking path, take Fido along for a Gondola ride, or go horseback riding.Fall camp offers 25-30 activities per day.

Located on the shores of Lake Wenatchee,nestled in the Wenatchee National Forest, Washington.Maian Meadows Dog Camp is the perfect choice for dog lovers looking to enjoy a special getaway with Fido in a relaxed, rustic atmosphere under tall trees alongside a lake.Not only does this camp provide hiking, swimming, boating,games and contests, this off-leash weekend getaway is for those that truly want to relax.Sans the agility and competitive obedience classes,Maian Meadows Dog Camp is guaranteed to make you smile.


Image Credit: Camp Dogwood

Sign-up at Camp Dogwood in Lake Delton,Wisconsin,adjacent to Wisconsin Dells with 700 plus acres, this dog camp provides hotel like accommodation.With host facilities in Lake Delton,Wisconsin and offering cabin and lodge accommodation options, private bathrooms and patios with picturesque lake or ravine views this camp focuses on your relationship with Fido.Camp Dogwood welcomes your pet with private fenced- in sign up time ,or the dual beaches on their lakefront for groups of friends who want their dogs to play in a safe, enclosed environment.

This is not just a resort that ‘allows’ dogs.It is the ultimate canine learning vacation.The Canine Country Getaway at Glen Highland Farm redefines ‘pet-friendly’- setting a new standard for a vacation with your canine friend.The Getaway is located in a spectacular rural setting in upstate NY with all the creature comforts for you and a doggie paradise for the canines.You and your dog can explore 175-acres-wander the meadows, go on trail walks, swim in Butternut Creek, play agility and fetch to your heart’s content.

Register Fido at Camp Unleashed, North Carolina and in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts while you take our dog on a 4-day weekend retreat to the beautiful countryside. Dedicated to honoring and respecting the spirit of dogs,Camp Unleashed’s team of devoted dog professionals leads workshops and activities.This three-day retreat in nature offers participants the opportunity to escape to the county, and allows for dogs to be safely off leash and enjoy a reenergizing retreat in the beautiful mountains of Western Massachusetts and Western North Carolina.Activities include agility,tricks, canoeing, canine water sports,agility, behavior clinics, canine massage, natural nutrition and holistic canine health care.

The Benefits of Canine Retreats

All canine camps should be a retreat for both you and Fido. It should be a way to connect and further our bond with our dogs.Retreats teach us how to listen to and understand our dogs while enjoying fun activities.These retreats are especially designed to:

1.Retreats help dog-lovers see the world through their dog’s eyes, and explore and deepen their relationship with their dogs.

2.All dogs and people need vacation time together without the stresses of everyday life.

3.Retreats are a place where your dogs can be free in a safe place in nature where they can have fun.

4.All activities at retreats are non-competitive and led by dog professionals that are keen to engage your dogs’ senses, instincts, and cognitive abilities.

5.Some sports camps for dogs may include canine massage, natural nutrition,behavior clinics,canine water sports and other fun activities that the two of you may enjoy together.

6.Take additional time to inquire about activity schedules ahead of time to make sure that your camp’s a good fit for both of you.Keep a list of nearby veterinarians that are available upon request.

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