Play and Exercise For Canine Health and Happiness!



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Play and Exercise For Canine Health & Happiness

When many dogs get together at the dog park, beach or anywhere else, they will need to size each other up before deciding to make friends. They do this by sniffing each other and showing different body and tail postures. Many times friendship is instantaneous and they will make friends right away and go play. Play among dogs is incredibly important, and all dogs need to do this at least a few times a week.Dogs have glands on either sides of their behind, and part of a canine introduction will entail butt sniffing.

A dog’s anal glands releases a smell when a dog goes potty, is excited or scared, or even feeling aggressive. Other dogs will sniff your dog’s behind to see what the new dog is all about. Butt sniffing among dogs is an introductory process among dogs, and should never be interrupted by well meaning pet parents. Once dogs have completed this process, they will then greet each other via their faces and other body parts. At the end of all of this, a rank is established, and the dogs can then begin to play or leave each other alone.

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Monday morning fun! Dog Wellness! Why off leash runs should be done every day?

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Deciding on whether to go to the dog park before or after work can be a difficult decision.Yet, there’s no doubt about it, regular off leash trips to the dog park, woods or even hitting the hiking trails with your furry best friend is no longer considered a luxury today. It’s a necessity that many pet parents have come to understand.Not only does it increase the bond between you and your furry best friend, it also keeps Fido well exercised and less prone to behavioral problems. In addition, your furry best friend will make new canine buddies with each outing, and form canine friendships that can last a lifetime. Such friendships are an important part of canine life!

Understanding what your dog needs during each stage of his life is an important part of canine parenting.

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