Canine Body Language Explained! Is Your Dog Confident?

photo 4

Image Credit: Claudia Bensimoun

Head high: Your dog is interested in what he’s seeing and in what he’s doing.He’s enjoying all the new sounds and noises.

Head upright and neck arched– as in above photo: Your pooch is confident, showing signs of superiority over the other dog. Yet, in this case it looks like they’re just having lots of fun.

Head high, yet tilted to the side: Your pooch is interested in what’s going on around him.

Head and neck that is level with or lowered considerably with a stiff body that is possibly crouched beneath the other dog, or leaning back away from the other dog: Your dog is preparing to escape; and may possibly bite or snap at the other dog.

Head is lowered and his body is twisted away from the other dog. He may possibly be turning the side of his face upwards. Your pooch is showing signs of appeasement ,and is trying to make friends.

Head and body lowered with cowering body movement: Your dog is scared and has no confidence. He is showing submissive deference.



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4 thoughts on “Canine Body Language Explained! Is Your Dog Confident?

  1. can you answer a doggy psychology question for me ?

    I was visiting my sister who has 4 lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks. One would periodically pick up her play toy, and bring it over to me a couple times a day. I would take it – she wouldn’t chase it if I threw it – and then hand it back to her and off she would walk with the play toy.

    Do you know what this behaviour meant ? It was never dangerous, just disconcerting when a 100 pound dog comes up to you with a squeaky toy in her mouth.

    thanks –

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