Why Do New Canine Behaviors Suddenly Appear?

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Unexpected and Suddenly Bad Behaviors

It may just suddenly happen! Your dog exhibits bad behavior-or is it really bad behavior? Many times your dog may have an underlying medical condition and needs to see the veterinarian.

New Behavioral Problems

  • Growling and snapping when anyone touches him. This could be due to pain in a part of his body, tooth problems, arthritis, hip dysplasia, paneosteitis, or other joint problems.
  • Aggression towards other people or pets- thyroid imbalance, or other hormonal imbalances.
  • Marking and urinating at home- urinary tract infection, bladder problems or kidney problems.
  • Destructive behavior and chewing up everything at home- teething or tooth problems ( If a puppy, possibly boredom and lack of exercise and training.)
  • Growling when you approach the food bowl- if this has never happened before, it could be due to being extremely hungry from a medical condition.

If your veterinarian finds your dog healthy and free of dental problems, now will be the time to spay or neuter, if you have already not done so! Although not a substitute for positive dog training, it helps with curbing any unwanted behaviors like marking and urinating at home.


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