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Group: UKC, Sighthound, Pariah

History: The Thai Ridgeback dates back to 350 years.This dog breed is found in Thailand and is used for hunting and guarding.Being such a rare dog breed, it is hardly ever found in other countries, nonetheless it is becoming more common in the US.

Physical Description:The Thai Ridgeback is medium-sized with a muscular build.The breed is longer than it is taller.With a wedge-shaped muzzle  and large triangular ears, the Thai Ridgeback may be chestnut,red, fawn, blue or black in color.This breed has a short and smooth coat which has a ridge along the back because of his coat hair growing in the opposite direction.

Height:20-25 inches

Weight: No standard weight is available

Activity Level: Moderate to high energy

This breed does well with an experienced dog owner,and needs to be socialized from an early age.All Thai Ridgeback’s do well with positive training.

Health concerns: Dermoid sinus


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Thai Ridgeback UKC

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OffLeash Fun With Dogs! What Freedom Really Means?

All dogs need exercise, but they also need offleash playtime and freedom.


OffLeash Tips For Your Dog


  • Your dog needs to understand the “come command” before you can let him go off the leash and expect him to come back when called.
  • Train your puppy at the dog park, provided it’s safe.
  • Used only the fenced-in areas until Fido understands the “come “command.
  • Letting your dog run off leash at least a couple of times a week helps him to de-stress and keep him fit.
  • He can enjoy the dog park at his own pace and possibly make some good friends.
  • Offleash serves well to let your dog exercise aerobically.
  • Running and playing with other dogs when off leash burns off plenty of calories and keeps your dog fit.
  • He’ll be a much happier dog around the house and around other people and dogs.

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