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Country of Origin:Russia

Georgia,Azerbaijan,Armenia and Northern Caucasus

Group:Guardian, UKC

Alternative Names: Caucasian Mountain Dog, Russian Kavkazskaya,Ovtcharka,Nagazi, Gampr


The Caucasian Shepherd is thought to have originated from the Tibetan dogs ,who at the time traveled with the nomads.They settled in the Caucasus mountains more than 2,000 years ago.This breed remained a pure breed until the twentieth century, when Russia began a vigorous breeding program .This program utilized the Ovcharkas as guard dogs.There are many differences among Caucasian dogs breeds depending on where they originated from.


This spectacular and sometimes aggressive breed is strong-boned and muscular with an even-temper.They are slightly longer than tall. The Caucasian Shepherd has a large, broad wedge-shaped head with high- set drop ears. Traditionally these ears have been cropped, although today many of the modern Caucasian Shepherds are unaltered.Caucasian Shepherds are very large dogs.They have short muzzles, and browny- almond colored eyes, with a nose that is black and large.

The Caucasian Shepherd has a double coat with a ruff.This coat can be short, medium, or long.The coat coloring can be gray, white , cream,fawn, or tan.They can also be brindle,piebald, and white with gray patches.Most preferred show-types are the long- coated grey dogs with a few white markings.Black and black-tan dogs are most times not accepted in the show ring.


Height:Minimum 24.5-25.5 inches

Weight:Although there is no standard weight available, some Caucasian male Shepherds weigh in from 110 Ib to 200 Ib.

Temperament:The Caucasian Shepherd is intelligent, bold and even-tempered , yet aggressiveness does sometimes occur.Although very protective over family, it generally has a calm temperament.

Activity: Medium

Best Homes: This breed needs an experienced pet parent.The Caucasian Shepherd needs a job and socialization with positive training.

Needs:Special grooming, training and regular exercise.

Health Concerns: Hip and elbow dysplasia and cancer.Some of the bloodlines will carry a gene for rear dyspalsia.

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