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Sealyham Terrier. Welsh Dog Breeds.


Photo Credit: Wiki

Country of Origin:Wales


History:The Sealyham Terrier was bred to hunt otter, fox and badger on the Sealyham Estate in Wales.Today, this terrier does well in the show ring and as a companion.

Description: The Sealyham terrier, although small, is powerful.With a rectangular head and body,the Sealyham carries a beard and whiskers.He has small, brown eyes and a large, black nose.The Sealyham has folded ears that are leveled with the top of his head.His tail is docked and stands erect.He is double coated and carries a thick undercoat with a wiry outer coat, that is either all white with an off white/tan, or with brown colored markings on ears and head.

Height: 10.5 inches

Weight: 20-25 pounds

Temperament: The Sealyham terrier enjoys hunting. This is a resilient breed that is very loyal.

Activity Level:The Sealyham terrier thrives on regular exercise and having a good run.This breed is great with a terrier-familiar pet parent.

Special Needs: Positive training, fenced yard, socialization, grooming.

Health Concerns:Allergies,deafness and possibly eye problems


American Sealyham Terrier Club

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Silent Sunday. Dog Park Fun.




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Central Asian Shepherd Dog


Photo Credit. Wiki

Alternative Names: Mid-Asian Shepherd,Central Asian Ovtcharka.

Origin: Siberia,Russia,Mongolia

Group: AKC, Guardian

The Central Asian Shepherd Dog most likely originated from areas between the Ural, Caspian, Asia Minor, and the Northwest border of China.After the Communist revolution, the Soviet government wanted working dog breeds for the Red Army, and ended up importing the best Central Asian Shepherd Dogs into Russia as military working dogs and guard dogs.Many of these dogs crossbred, and after a while the purebred Central Asian dogs could only be found with the herders, breeders and on some farms.

History: This breed is still found today in Central Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kirgyzstan, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. The breed is still very rare in the United States.The Central-Asian Shepherd serves as livestock guardians and protectors to their owners. They were used to protect against bears and wolves within the region.They closely resemble some of the aboriginal breeds of Livestock Guardian dogs from the region of Northern Caucasian Voldodav.

Today’s modern dog is known to be similar to the original nomadic Central Asian Shepherd Dog,nonetheless there are possibly 10 new types to this breed that are being developed in Russia.

Modern Central Asian Shepherds have been bred in many different ways, depending on the demand for specific abilities.These dogs are more powerful than the Caucasian Shepherd, Kangal and Akbash.Unfortunately some of these dogs were used for fighting.The breed remains stable today, and have some great working dogs, regardless of the country that they come from.There are still dogs that are being bought for their bloodlines from the Ukraine, Belarus and other countries.

Description: A large and powerful dog that has great strength and power.These dogs are a bit longer than tall, and have a broad head, blunt muzzle and large, black nose.Tails are sometimes docked or kept long.The Central Asian Shepherd has a  double coat with a thick undercoat.The outer coat is either white,black, gray, brindle, gray brown, part-colored or straw colored.They have some unique characteristics such as flexible joints, false ribs, specific head set, as well as a very large neck with massive dewlap.They have very intelligent, expressive eyes.

Weight: 90-150 pounds

Height: 23.5- 25.5 inches

Temperament: Sometimes can be dog aggressive. Friendly, intelligent, protective, affectionate and loyal.

Activity Level:Medium

Best Home: Rural

Special Needs: Plenty of socialization, positive training, regular exercise

Health Concerns: None


Facebook Central Asian Shepherd



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Dog Park Bliss. Sunday Morning Fun.








How Dogs Play?

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Caucasian Shepherd or Caucasian Ovtcharka


Photo Credit:  Wiki Commons. Chepka Dog

Country of Origin:Russia

Georgia,Azerbaijan,Armenia and Northern Caucasus

Group:Guardian, UKC

Alternative Names: Caucasian Mountain Dog, Russian Kavkazskaya,Ovtcharka,Nagazi, Gampr


The Caucasian Shepherd is thought to have originated from the Tibetan dogs ,who at the time traveled with the nomads.They settled in the Caucasus mountains more than 2,000 years ago.This breed remained a pure breed until the twentieth century, when Russia began a vigorous breeding program .This program utilized the Ovcharkas as guard dogs.There are many differences among Caucasian dogs breeds depending on where they originated from.


This spectacular and sometimes aggressive breed is strong-boned and muscular with an even-temper.They are slightly longer than tall. The Caucasian Shepherd has a large, broad wedge-shaped head with high- set drop ears. Traditionally these ears have been cropped, although today many of the modern Caucasian Shepherds are unaltered.Caucasian Shepherds are very large dogs.They have short muzzles, and browny- almond colored eyes, with a nose that is black and large.

The Caucasian Shepherd has a double coat with a ruff.This coat can be short, medium, or long.The coat coloring can be gray, white , cream,fawn, or tan.They can also be brindle,piebald, and white with gray patches.Most preferred show-types are the long- coated grey dogs with a few white markings.Black and black-tan dogs are most times not accepted in the show ring.

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Photo Credit: Wiki  Norsk Kennel Club

Height:Minimum 24.5-25.5 inches

Weight:Although there is no standard weight available, some Caucasian male Shepherds weigh in from 110 Ib to 200 Ib.

Temperament:The Caucasian Shepherd is intelligent, bold and even-tempered , yet aggressiveness does sometimes occur.Although very protective over family, it generally has a calm temperament.

Activity: Medium

Best Homes: This breed needs an experienced pet parent.The Caucasian Shepherd needs a job and socialization with positive training.

Needs:Special grooming, training and regular exercise.

Health Concerns: Hip and elbow dysplasia and cancer.Some of the bloodlines will carry a gene for rear dyspalsia.

Norsk Kennel Club

Kennel Club USA

Caucasian Shepherd Owners Club Facebook

UKC Dog Events


 Caucasian Ovtcharka of North America Rescue Facebook


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