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Soi Dog Rescue is one of my favorite foundations.

If you’re traveling to Thailand, please watch this video and be a flight volunteer.

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Soi Dog Rescue


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Australian Kelpie


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The Australian Kelpi is sometimes known as the Kelpie or Barb .



History: The Australian Kelpie was developed around 1870, and originates from both the British and Scottish Terriers.Many also believe that dingoes and some other breeds played a role.

The Kelpie was bred for herding sheep in Australia and played an important role in the Australian sheep and wool industry.

Many of these Kelpies are still used in Europe,North America and Australia for sheep herding today.The Kelpie enjoys agility and needs to be kept active .

They are also known for their great companionship.

Description: Medium- size, agile dog.

Rounded skull

Tapered muzzle

Double Coat with thick undercoat.Weather-resistant outer  coat

Thick ruff at neck which may be blue, black, or red, with or without tan markings, or all tan.

White patch possibly on toes and chest

Height: 17-20 inches

Weight:26-45 pounds

Temperament: Active, intelligent, easygoing, friendly.One-person dog.

Activity Level:High

The Australian Kelpie enjoys being active and having a job to do.Countryside or farm environments are best for this breed.

Needs:Positive training, exercise, socialization

Health Concerns.PRA

Australian Kelpie Club of NSW



Australian Kelpie Rescue Facebook

Best Friends 

Pet Guardian Angels of America


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Texas Heeler! Australian Cattle Dog Cross Australian Shepherd


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History: The Texas Heeler can be both a cross between the Australian Cattle Dog and the Australian Shepherd, or a cross between the Australian Cattle Dog and the Border Collie.They were bred for farm work and their unique ability to herd cattle.The Texas Heeler is used in many dog sports such as agility, frisbee and Rally Obedience.

Description:They are medium sized dogs with smooth or medium length coats.Their coats can either be short and smooth to medium length.Color varies and can be blue merle, blue ticked with white (sometimes with a tan trim) or black.The Texas Heeler normally has prick ears, though sometimes these ears fold over.They have bob tails, yet can also have long tails.

Height: 17-22 inches

Weight:25-50 pounds

Temperament: Intelligent.Easily trainable.Very social.Needs a job

Texas Heeler Dog Rescue

Texas Heeler Facebook

Australian Shepherd American Kennel Club

Australian Cattle Dog American Kennel Club

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Blue Heeler. Australian Cattle Dog


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Alternative Names: Australian Cattle Dog,Heeler, Queensland Heeler,Red Heeler



History:The Blue Heeler was bred by Australian cattle ranchers who needed a cattle dog or herding dog that could go long distances.The Cattle Dog’s direct ancestor was the Hall’s Heeler.This great dog was developed from a cross of the dingo and the smooth-coated Scottish Collie.By 1860, the Hall’s Heeler was bred  with the Australian Kelpie and the Dalmation.This created today’s Australian Cattle Dog.

Description:The Blue Heeler is a medium-sized dog that is sturdy and muscular.He is longer than tall.This breed has a broad head, tapering medium sized muzzle and medium-sized ears.They have double coats with a dense undercoat and brush tails.Their coats may be mottled with blue, black, tan or red markings.

Height: 17-20 inches.

Weight: 33-55 pounds

Temperament: Wonderfully loyal and protective, that does not enjoy the company of strangers.He is more relaxed with those that he knows.Alert and energetic, this breed makes for a great companion dog.

Activity Level.Super energetic.Needs a job.Frisbee, agility, cattle herding

Preferable Home: An active home that will give him the exercise and mental stimulation that he needs.

Health Concerns:Deafness, hip dysplasia.

Video Credit:Dogs 101 Animal Planet



Blue Heeler Facebook


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Wordless Wednesday.Setting Your Dog Up For Success.Socialization!

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The Confident Dog! Building Canine Confidence The Easy Way!

Some dogs are terribly shy. Some are born confident, and make lots of friends at the dog park, during walks, or even a trip to Starbucks. Everyone loves them and their confidence keeps growing.

photo 4

Image Credit: Claudia Bensimoun

Does your dog lack this confidence? Does he stay close by you, or even prefer to be alone?Here’s how you can help bring out his confidence:

Get him out as often as possible. Positive experiences, overcoming fears, learning to enjoy new environments and new things without being apprehensive- these things build confidence. It’s impossible to build up confidence if you keep your dog at home with you at all times. Start by taking him out for short drives to your dog park, and letting him sniff around and wander off. He’ll soon make new canine friends, and become accustomed to children playing, other dogs running around, and even people wearing hats or outfits that he doesn’t particularly like.

When your dog starts to enjoy these small outings, take him farther from home- to the dog beach, or to a friend’s house, a horse show, or even a garage sale. Look for new environments that are safe. His curiosity will soon overcome his fears.

Teach him to play with other dogs.Throw a frisbee or play catch. It’s great for his mental health as well. Your dog will grow more confident and start to have friends that he can play with. Don’t just walk him around he block, or let him out in your backyard. If you have a social dog and rarely take him out to play, he will become ill mannered.

Any dog can develop confidence with regular exercise, positive play experiences with other dogs and people.

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Holiday Gifts $100 And Under For Fido

$25.00- Organic Dog Biscuit Basket. Perfect to Send to Your Pooches Best Friend .il_570xN.540280493_hd7w

$16.50  Bow Tie For Your Four Legged Friend.


$35.00- Fleece Beds


•Soft blizzard fleece material keeps pets snugly and comfortable all year round! Stuffed with super fluffy non-allergenic Polyester Fiberfill which is 100% made from recycled materials in a smoke free home. Bolster sides allow for the pet to snuggle up inside. Very durable quality.



Collars are made with the highest quality materials and construction techniques, featuring high-quality leather, buckles and braided dinghy line.



$16.95 Leash Holder


$23.00 Handmade Leashes

These colorful dog leashes are made by hand using the same fabric used for hammocks. Therefore they are very sturdy. The artisans who make these are also the same people that make the famous hammocks from Yucatan.


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