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The South African Boerboel. South African Mastiff



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Alternative Names: South African Mastiff, African Mastiff

Country of Origin: South Africa

Group:Kennel Union Club of South Africa-KUSA


South African Breeders Association-SABT

Boerboel International

Working Dog Group

In 2010 the South African Boerboel was recognized into the AKC Miscellaneous Group, and the American Boerboel Club was officially designated the Parent Club for this breed.

Having been raised with a pack of six or more  Boerboel’s in Nelspruit, Southern Africa , these wonderful family dogs not only protected me from crocodiles, snakes and the many lions, monkeys  and other wildlife around our citrus farm, they were the gentlest and kindest dogs out.They love to run, play and swim.Great as guard dogs, brave and fierce, they are also very  intelligent and love being around people.The South African Boerboel  needs to be socialized and trained from a young age .This breed is very different from the English Mastiff, and is not lazy at all.They do need exercise and to be kept busy or mentally stimulated.

They are very hardy and are great outdoors on farms and small holdings.The South African Boerboel is a dominating breed that is extremely possessive of it’s family.Boerboel means a “farm” dog ,and that holds true since these dogs thrive on farms in Southern Africa.

Physical Description: The South African Boerboel is a muscular and powerfully strong dog.He has a block head with dark markings on his handsome face, stomach,  under his fur and roof of his mouth.This protects him from the South African sun.His coat is short, thick and can either be brindle, brown , cream or coppery brown in color.His head is longer than the English Mastiff’s.

Height: 22-27 inches at the shoulder

Weight: Similar to Mastiff around 150 pounds upwards.

Activity Level:  High

Special Needs:None.

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American Boerboel Club


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AKC -South African Boerboel

Save Fraser Island Dingoes. Hero! Jennifer Parkhurst!




Many of us are aware that the DNA of dingoes looks similar to the DNA of a dog, as does the DNA of the wolf.Dogs bond quickly with people and according to many dingo parents , dingoes bond with people too.As Stanley Coren mentions in ” Do Dogs Dream?, ” the genetic data would suggest that perhaps the simplest and most conservative conclusion, is that dogs are a genetic mixture of many existing wild canine species and perhaps even some that are now extinct.”

Fraser Island Footprints

Save Fraser Island Dingoes Facebook

Dr.Alan Wilton

Dingo Care Network

Twitter Fraser Island Dingo

Jennifer Parkhurst


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Edward Carter. Dying Dog’s Bucket List


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A terminally ill Chinese crested/Maltese mix rescue has his own bucket list.Edward Carter was recently diagnosed with stage 5 lymphoma , and is at the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue in Redmond.He was dropped off last month, and is being treated by Dr.Sarbu at the Veterinary Oncology Center.

There is no cure for Edward’s cancer, although Edward is undertaking his second round of chemo.His next round will be in three weeks time.

Edward’s Bucket List:

Appear on the Jackie and Bender show on Kiss FM.

Dine at Norm’s Eatery and Alehouse.

Doga class

Frolic on the beach

Play dress up in a photo shoot

Ride a ferry- checked

Visit Lucky Jack’s Expresso in Redmond

If you would like to participate in the Flat Edward Carter Project, please email his foster mum at

Donate  $1.00 to the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue and receive a Flat Edward Carter.

Donate $5.00 to the Motley Zoo Animal Rescue ,and receive a “pawtographed” Flat Edward Carter.

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Facebook


Motley Zoo Animal Rescue

Motley Zoo Petfinders Page

Motley Zoo Animal Rescue Twitter


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The English Mastiff. UK Dog Breeds!


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Country of Origin: UK


History:The undeniably regal English Mastiff was originally bred for guarding and for being a companion dog.It is thought that the English Mastiff originated from the Tibetan Mastiff. The English Mastiff is one of the older breeds, and has been around in the UK for the past 2000 years .

Description:Proud and regal,the Mastiff is powerfully built with a rectangular -shaped head;short muzzle;and  V-shaped drop ears.With a broad, dark nose and brown eyes,the Mastiff has a smooth coat that can be fawn,apricot or brindle with fawn or brindle with apricot.His undercoat is short and dense.The Mastiff’s muzzle, nose and ears must be dark in color.The darker the markings, the better.

Height:27.5 to 30 inches at the shoulder.

Weight:Varies from 160 pounds upwards.

Temperament: Fearless, brave, loyal and a best friend.This is probably one of the best family dogs to have around.Great with children, yet fiercely protective.

Activity:Low to medium, depending on the environment that the Mastiff is in.This breed enjoys large spaces, farmlands and country life.

Special Needs:Positive training,socialization.

Life Expectancy:14 years

For more information about Mastiffs, please visit:

The Complete Mastiff & Whippet. The Complete Owners Guide From Puppy To Old Age.

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Time For A Pet Vacay! Australia. Hanrob Pet Hotels!

Time For A Pet Vacay



Image Credit: Hanrob Pet Hotels

It seems only right that we care about where out pets are going to board when we’re away. After all, pet parents today would rather not travel at all than risk their pets being unhappy. According to a recent survey by Hanrob Pet Hotels in Australia, 80% of all pet owners would rather alter or cancel their travel plans, if they could not find suitable pet care arrangements. People don’t walk into kennels today with the idea that they’re settling for mediocre pet care. Pet owners want what is best for their pets in every way, from products, training, holistic and traditional veterinary care to pet accommodation.

Yet the fact remains that it’s pet owners who are making the decision to travel with their pets, and it’s pet owners who are laying out the money to have their pets pampered in every way. According to the latest 2013 survey, the demand for a high quality experience that makes travel easy, safe and comfortable for all pets, is growing. Yes, a dog’s life has never looked so good!

Dogs can look forward to unique, tailored packages, perhaps a mini canine boot camp- a program that allows dogs to brush up on their obedience skills, exercise in the wonderful grounds or play their favorite game of Frisbee. Hanrob Pet Hotels will guarantee that your pet is in good hands, all the while improving social skills and keeping you current with Skype or some Pet Pics. Planning a trip with your pets is as easy as finding the Hanrob Pet Hotel website link. There is an extensive pet-friendly link helping you determine what activities you wish to include for your dog’s stay, and information on dog training and pet limo services to and from the airport for you and your family , as well as Fido. You can organize to be dropped off with your luggage at the airport, and to bid farewell to your furry best friend while he continues with his trip to Hanrob via pet limousine.

Come pet vacay time with Hanrob Pet Hotels which are all conveniently located in Sydney, Australia from Heathcote, Sydney Airport, Duffy’s Forest to Melbourne Airport. Prices for accommodation range from $32.00 per day to $49.00.According to the survey 48% of pet owners would rather spend more quality time with their pet prior to their trip away from them. Handing your pooch over at a location close to the airport, gives all working pet parents the opportunity to enjoy their pets one last time before leaving on a business or holiday trip. With 39% of pet owners claiming to miss their pets while away, more so than their friends and family, Hanrob allows for Skype to help facilitate the more complicated emotional needs of both pet and pet parent through their Staying Connected package. This allows pet owners to stay connected with their pets via Skype sessions, digital photos (PetPics) and pre-recorded videos.(PetVideo)

Australia and the US are one of the world’s most passionate animal loving countries. This is particularly important in both countries where pet parents have proven their concern for pet welfare, safety and emergency preparedness.28% of pet owners were anxious that their pets possibly were not getting fed properly in their absence, with another 51.6% of pet parents worried that their furry best friends could escape while they were away. As pet parents become more educated about pet care, so are Hanrob Pet Hotels.

Thanks to Andrew Biggs, CEO of Hanrob Pet Hotels, pets can meet new dogs, new people, and enjoy group play. A Hanrob Pet Vacay is designed to please even the most discerning guests. For those of you bringing along your trusting pooches, you can rest assured. This is the place to be. Every animal has its unique quirks and needs. Today working pet owners are very particular when it comes to ensuring their pet is well looked after, when they’re away from home.

With the Hanrob Pet Hotel Chain an internationally recognized pet vacay destination, having comfortable, updated and spacious surroundings catered with your pet’s comfort in mind, enhanced positive training methods, and 24-hour veterinary care, customers are enjoying the superior and convenient boarding options, and returning to Hanrob. From basic obedience classes to helping with focus problems, even well-trained pooches will benefit from a class.

Hanrob’s Pet Vacay is very doable. Apart from checking with your airlines on crate requirements, and making sure that his health certificate and vaccines are current within ten days of flight, make sure that your furry best friend is wearing his ID tag with your name and phone number, and that he is microchipped as well. If you are willing to plan ahead, traveling with your furry best friend on a pet vacay is always fun.

Since 1981 Hanrob has been partnering with some of Australia’s premier institutes to keep providing the best benefits and solutions for the pet care industry. Their current partners are:



Hanrob Pet Shuttle

Hanrob Dog Training

Hanrob Pet Lovers’ Club

Assistance Dogs Australia

Taronga Conservation Society Australia

Animal Welfare League NSW

Tafe NSW- Western Sydney Institue


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