The Cesky Terrier

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History: The Cesky Terrier is one of the newer breeds that was bred in 1949 by crossing the Sealyham Terrier and the Scottish Terrier.The goal was to create a dog that could go to the ground and hunt in the open fields.This breed is easy to train,yet must be socialized from a young age around other people and dogs.Nonetheless, you need to keep them away from hamsters, guinea pigs rabbits and other small pets.They are playful, fun and loyal.

Physical Description: The Cesky Terrier is a small dog that is built longer than tall.It is a relatively muscular breed with a blunt head,black or dark brown nose.With medium -set eyes and medium-size drop-set ears, the Cesky Terrier is a fun breed with lots of patience.This dog has large paws and a long tail.The Cesky Terrier’s coat can be a light blue gray color or light coffee brown hue.The hair on its neck is curly and skin is blue-grey.The Cesky does well clipped.These dogs do not shed much .

Height: 10.5-13.75 inches.

Weight:13 to 23 pounds

Temperament:The Cesky Terrier is gentle and great around people and kids.This breed is exceptional for a terrier ,in that its temperament is great with children.

Activity: Medium .Positive training.

This breed does well with city life/apartment or out in the countryside.Loves companionship and being around people, children and other dogs.

Special Needs: Grooming-best bet to clip this breed short.

Life Expectancy: 12-15 years

Health Concerns: None

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Basset Artesian Normand -BAN


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Country of Origin: France

Group: UKC

History:The Bassett Artesian Normand was first bred by the French in the late nineteenth century.This great breed was a mix of bassets from both Normandy and Artois.The Bassett Artesian Normand was developed as a small gaming hound.

Description: The Bassett Artesian Normand is a medium sized dog breed that can be small, yet sturdy.The Artesian Normand Basset’s ears are very long and set low.They can be folded or corkscrewed.Their feet are large and turned outwards.The Artesian has short legs.This breed has a long tapered tail with a weather-resisatnt coat that is easy to groom.The Artesian carries the typical hound tricolor or has white with orangey/tan patches.

Height:10-14 inches

Weight: Around 33 pounds

Temperament: The Artesian has such a wonderful disposition.They are good-natured and enjoy being around families with children.Nonetheless, these loving companions do tend to roam at times.They are an active breed and need positive training with lots of exercise.


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Ariegeois Dog Breeds-France


Origin: France

Group: Scenthound, UKC

History: This even-tempered breed was bred to hunt rabbits and foxes.The handsome Ariegeois was created by breeding from mixes of local hounds, Grand Bleu de Gascogne and the Grand Gascon-Saintongeois.These dogs are gifted scent hounds with a wonderful  temperament.They can smell prey from a distance.

Description: The Ariegeois is a medium-sized breed with a broad chest.They have a long and narrow head with a black nose, brown eyes and long drop ears.The tail is tapered, neck long, and the white coat is short and fine with black patches.

Height:20-24 inches

Weight: Approximately 60 -70 pounds

Temperament: Friendly, sweet and good natured.Gets along well with people and other dogs-very sociable.

Needs: Exercise and positive training.The Ariegeois  is easy to train and is obedient.They love to hike and be outdoors, but most of all they enjoy being with their pet parents 24/7.

Health Concerns: General. The Ariegeois live to be around 11-14 years.They do well with a healthy diet, regular exercise and regular veterinary care. They do suffer from ear infections ,due to their long and droopy ears.

Best Home: Active owner with large backyard.These active dogs should not be kept in an apartment or small space. The Ariegeois love to run and exercise.This breed simply adores being around children.


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5 Fun Dog Training Tips

We see this all the time. Dogs that are stressed, agitated and simply unhappy.There’s no doubt that sometimes training may be more difficult. 5 fun dog training tips include



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  • Reduce your dog’s stress by having fun yourself.
  • Keep good associations going-positive reinforcement, no punishments.Be around nice dogs and nice people.
  • Cease & Desist. Prevent all bad behaviors from happening before they even start.No defense mode, no stress hormones.
  • Focus only on the good and fun stuff.No dog is bad!
  • Never underestimate the value of love! LOVE YOUR DOGS!

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