Blue Heeler-Australian Cattle Dog. Dingo Dog/Scottish Collie


Country of Origin: Australia

Group: Herding, UKC/AKC

History of the Blue Heeler:

The Blue Heeler came about when Australian cattle ranchers needed a cattle drover with endurance that could go long distances.The Blue Heeler’s direct ancestor was the Hall’s Heeler, a canine that was developed from a cross of the dingo and the smooth-coated Scottish Collie.In 1860, the Hall’s Heeler was mixed with the Australian Kelpie and the Dalmation to create the modern Australian Cattle Dog.

Physical Description:

The Blue Heeler is a medium-sized, muscular dog.

Strong, broad head and a medium -length muzzle.

Almond-shaped brown eyes

Medium-sized ears that are naturally upright

Brush tail

Double-coat with a dense undercoat and a smooth, hard outer-coat.Medium length.

Blue, mottled or speckled. with or without blue, black, or tan markings;or red speckled with darker red markings.

Height: 17-20 inches

Weight: 33-55 pounds

Temperament: A truly loyal and protective dog that can be wary of strangers, yet this breed is easygoing with family members that everyone that he knows.

The Blue Heeler is a one- person dog and is alert, intelligent, protective and fun to be around.

With a high activity level, the Blue Heeler needs plenty of exercise and environmental stimuli.

Needs: Positive training, plenty of exercise,and socialization.

Health Concerns: Hip dysplasia and deafness .


Australian Cattle Dog Club

Blue Heeler Rescue (Australia)

Best Friends

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7 thoughts on “Blue Heeler-Australian Cattle Dog. Dingo Dog/Scottish Collie

  1. Perhaps this is a dumb question, but I’m going to take a chance and ask it, anyhow. (Ha!)

    Are Blue Heelers born with a stubby tail / no tail? Or is it a case where some pups in a litter are born with no tail and others are born with longer tails? I didn’t think these dogs were docked as a breed standard. (Actually, I was thinking docking was no longer allowed in Australia, but I am not sure if that is true or not.)

    • The Smithfield cattle dog is the stumpy tail breed and the Blue Heeler is of a more stocky build, often has tan markings as well and has a tail. I believe that docking of tails and the ‘trimming’ of ears is banned in Australia unless it is for medical reasons such as injury.

  2. Smart, beautiful and loyal dogs that require lots of physical and mental stimulation, we see quite a few in shelters because they have behavioural issues often bought about by lack of both 😦

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