South African Mastiff

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The South African Mastiff – Boerboel.The forgotten breed.

This breed is popular in South Africa and surprisingly  not   much coverage is given about this self assured and fearless breed.

In the early 1900’s the Englishmen brought Bulldogs and mastiffs into South Africaand some of these dogs were bred into the Boerboel population.In the early 80’s a serious search started again for the original Boer dog which covered large parts of southern Africa. Two hundred and fifty were found and only seventy two selected to be registered. Selective breeding started and at last the dog of the old South African pioneers was ready to be registered as a pure breed. These dogs are now registered with the South African Boerboel Association.


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South African Mastiff

Big strong breed

Well balanced dog with good strong muscle development

Swift in movement

Reliable, obedient and intelligent

Strong watch dog instinct

Self assured, fearless and perceptive to the needs of the family

Weight: 110-175 (IBS)

Height: 23-27 inches

Coloring: With or without a black mask, fawns, blacks, reds, brown, brindle, piebald and Irish markings.


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4 thoughts on “South African Mastiff

  1. Our first ever dog was a SA Mastiff cross Alsatian – the dog you’ll remember for the rest of your life. We had him in Zambia and when he was 10 we started preparing to move back to the UK. My mother put her foot down and said if he didn’t come, she wasn’t coming either! This was back in the sixties so international air travel for pets wasn’t a common thing 😉 I still have vivid memories of putting him in a huge box and seeing him wheeled rather precariously out onto the tarmac on top of the outstretched arm of a JCB. The reunion six months later was quite something. Us kids were a little like skittles 😀

    • These mastiffs are special.I grew up in South Africa-Nelspruit along the Mozambique border and always had a pack of mastiffs around me on the citrus farms.They protected us from wildlife-lions,plenty of elephants and crocodiles.These dogs are wonderful family dogs and have a fantastic temperament.As a breed they need lots more positive exposure!Mastiffs are good with children.

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