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1.Argos Collars.


Outside Skin: Premium Italian leather specially treated with oils to withstand the outdoor elements as well as retain its flexibility and shine.

Liner: Ultra soft premium leather for comfort (suede liners also available).





Navajo style in faux bead style material in a southwest pattern makes this extra wide dog collar look quite stunning on all breeds. Don’t be fooled however, this colorful fabric is meant to be washed and worn so that your pup can always be stylin’!







This is a Cool Handmade dog leash.
The fabric is sewn on a 3/4″ wide black polypro webbing.

All stress points are triple stitched with the strong thread for durability.

The fabric is 100% Japanese cotton.






Custom leashes!!! These bright and beautiful leashes are extremely durable and hold up well to mouthy puppies! There are two weaves you can choose from for this price. They are the cobra weave and the eight strand round braid. Both of these weaves are gentle on your hands but are still the same super strong 550 para cord as our four strand round braid weave. They are machine washable and clean up easily! There is well over 100 feet of 550 paracord in each leash.





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Food Puzzles

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Image credit: Claudia Bensimoun



Most dogs love them.They come highly recommended by all veterinarians .When dogs have a puzzle to eat and enjoy, it helps to keep their mind and body active, slows down the rate of food consumption,thus helping with digestion.Food puzzles also provide  possibly the best alternative  to destructive behavior ,that is often seen in dogs that are bored, have way too much energy or that suffer from separation anxiety.

The most simple food puzzle is a do-it-yourself food puzzle made by who else, but the Kong.Incredibly chewy, study and non-destructible, these food puzzle can be stuffed with treats and will most definitely keep your furry best friend mentally stimulated and busy.

Things 4 Your Dog– Many Different Types of Food Puzzles-Possibly the best ones out on the market


Nina Ottosson- Dog activity toys & games- terrific

1. Nina Ottosson games and toys will exercise your dog’s mind and body.

2. Can help prevent and reduce behavior problems!

3. Help prevent and reduce weight problems.

4. The games will help strengthen your bond with your dog.

Nina Ottosson-Tornado -2013

5. Prevent boredom.


Positive Training



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Wrong Flight-Dog Makes Trip to Ireland Instead of Phoenix on United Airlines

“A dog has taken a trip to Ireland by mistake after an airline put him on the wrong flight from a New Jersey airport” via The Christian Post

The six-year-old English Springer Spaniel named Hendrix was supposed to meet up with his owners in Phoenix, Arizona from Liberty Newark International Airport.Instead he ended up in Dublin, Ireland.The flight was set for Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on United Airlines.



Crufts 2013-Three-Time Agility Champion Natasha Wise & Dizzy




Natasha Wise, who with dog Dizzy is a three-time agility world champion, speaks about their success during Crufts 2013.


“Dizzy is such an amazing dog, I love her to bits. It is mostly down to her that I have won, the competition is all about her and the dogs. I just run around with them.” via Watford Observer. Dizzy is a 6 -year old Border Collie and was one of over 25000 dogs entered.


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    Crufts 2013 Freestyle Heelwork to Music


    Watch Crufts’ 2013 runner up in Freestyle Heelwork to Music from day one of Crufts.




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    Crufts 2013 Does The Harlem Shake


    Crufts Dog Show does the Harlem Shake!




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    South African Mastiff

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    The South African Mastiff – Boerboel.The forgotten breed.

    This breed is popular in South Africa and surprisingly  not   much coverage is given about this self assured and fearless breed.

    In the early 1900’s the Englishmen brought Bulldogs and mastiffs into South Africaand some of these dogs were bred into the Boerboel population.In the early 80’s a serious search started again for the original Boer dog which covered large parts of southern Africa. Two hundred and fifty were found and only seventy two selected to be registered. Selective breeding started and at last the dog of the old South African pioneers was ready to be registered as a pure breed. These dogs are now registered with the South African Boerboel Association.


    Image credit: Wiki

    South African Mastiff

    Big strong breed

    Well balanced dog with good strong muscle development

    Swift in movement

    Reliable, obedient and intelligent

    Strong watch dog instinct

    Self assured, fearless and perceptive to the needs of the family

    Weight: 110-175 (IBS)

    Height: 23-27 inches

    Coloring: With or without a black mask, fawns, blacks, reds, brown, brindle, piebald and Irish markings.


    Positive Training




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