Switzerland Culls its Only Recorded Wild Bear.

“Switzerland’s only recorded wild bear has been culled after fears that it could pose a threat to humans, the authorities announced on Wednesday.”

The male bear, known as “M13”, was shot dead by wildlife rangers on Tuesday, said Adrian Aeschlimann, spokesman for the Federal Office for the Environment.

“The cull was carried out according to the management plan for bears in Switzerland,” he told AFP, via Discovery News.

“M13 lived in the mountainous Graubuenden region of eastern Switzerland, on the border with Italy, spending spring seasons in the Val Poschiavo.”


Who Is M13?

Two year  old male bear.

The only survivor of a trio of cubs.His two siblings-M12 and M14, were killed by cars in Italy.

The three bears were in a  program in Italy’s Trentino Alto Adige region, to try and  reintroduce an animal long wiped out by hunters.

There are only 30 bears left in Italy.

Why would the Swiss make this awful decision to shoot M13? Was this the right decision?

“The bear M13 had certainly never showed any aggression toward man, but the risk that an accident might happen and that people might be badly injured or killed had become intolerable,” the environment office said in its statement, according to CNN.

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5 thoughts on “Switzerland Culls its Only Recorded Wild Bear.

  1. Just heartbreaking… I’m with the other commentary. We destroy their natural environment *completely*, and destroy them *in case* they pose a threat. The last wild bear…. This breaks my heart.

  2. This horrified us when we read about it. A bit like the wolves in America. Conservation is a waste of time if they are shot at the slightest whiff of danger to humans or their farm animals.

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