The Thai Dingo is smaller than the Australian Dingo .Thai Dingoes behave less like wild animals and many are domesticated and live like pets.Nonetheless many still roam around scrounging for food.Food is often left out by the Thai’s since many are Buddhists and believe that they gain merit from doing this.

It is thought that Dingoes evolved between five and six thousand years ago from south Asian wolves, which are quite similar to the Indian Wolf and the Arabian Wolf.

The Thai Dingo is taxonomically identical to the Australian Dingo.However there are differences between both the Thai and Australian Dingo.



The Thai Dingo has shorter hair and also tends to have black and ginger color variations in coat coloring.

Their behavior is also different and they seem to have adapted to living with people as pets.They also live as free-ranging dogs in urban areas .They are viewed by many as unexceptional mongrel dogs, while in Australia they are viewed as wild animals and are distinctly different from domesticated dogs.There are domesticated dingoes in Australia and many have been succesfully interbred with the domesticated dog.Often times in Asia the Thai Dingo is  carefully bred with the Thai Ridgeback.

Varieties of the Canis Lupus Dingo


Siamese Hairless Boran Dog-almost extinct, extremely rare

Phu Quoc Ridgeback Dog– short haired primitive breed



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