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Also known as the Cane da Pastore Bergamasco, this herding breed is an ancient breed that is believed to be related to the Maremma Sheepdog.These intelligent dogs originate from Italy.

Group: Herding

History: Many believe that this breed descended from Asian herding dogs that initially came to Europe with nomadic shepherds.This breed was used to herd sheep in the mountains and was extremely valued as a sheepherding dog.It was said that the bloodlines were kept a secret.The Bergamasco was close to extinction after WW II. Dr.Andrea Andreoli was instrumental in saving this breed before extinction.She was a scientist that observed the genetic traits of this breed and developed champion lines.


This fun breed is medium to heavy-boned.The Bergamasco carries lots of muscle and is a much longer than tall dog.With his long head, blunt muzzle and drop ears, the Bergamasco has a thick and heavy coat that looks as if the coat has been braided into ‘cords’.  These are called “flocks”.The Bergamasco has long hair on his head that covers both eyes.Coloring ranges from a silvery grey to charcoal .

Height: 22-25 inches

Weight: 60 to 85 pounds

Temperament: Great disposition with a combination of intelligence and courage.A wonderful family dog that is great with children, nonetheless this breed tends to be shy around strangers.The Bergamasco needs firm training with lots of positive reinforcement.They do not do well with harsh training and are sensitive dogs.This breed loves to please but also has an alpha personality.It is not a subordinate breed but one that is intelligent, playful and devoted to family.

Activity: Moderate. The Bergamasco  needs space and exercise, as well as training.This breed like all breeds needs socialization.

Health : No known health concerns.

Life expectancy of this breed ranges from 13-15 years with immunizations, a good diet, exercise and a healthy environment.

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