Country of Origin: France


History: The Beauceron is a very old breed that dates as far back as the late 16th century.This great breed was rarely known outside of France.Although cousin to the mighty Briard,the Beauceron is not as playful.After the French Revolution, the Beauceron were used as herding dogs.There was no distinction between both breeds- Briard and Beauceron until then.This breed is extremely popular throughout Europe and in North America.

Description: Muscular,large and solid in build.Long head with dark intelligent eyes and a black nose.The ears can either be cropped or allowed to fall naturally.The Beauceron has a deep chest and tail that is hooked at the end.This breed has a double coat with a thick grey undercoat and short outer coat.Coat may be black with tan or rust colored markings.The Beauceron also has the same rust color markings on his legs.

Temperament: Brave, but sometimes aggressive.Intelligent and keen to please.This breed needs training and regular exercise, as well as plenty of socialization.The Beauceron is best with a job, lots of attention and exercise.

Health Concerns: Gastric – bloat,hip dysplasia,entropion,ectropion.


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