Make sure that your pets are current on all vaccines.Some shelters will only take them in with proof of vaccines.

  • Have a photo,hopefully your pet is microchipped and place all documents in waterproof container.
  • Make sure that all pet carriers are the right size for each pet.Bring extra collars, muzzles and leashes.
  • Extra blankets and chew toys
  • Never leave your pets or animals behind .Plan ahead and organize a stay at friends or family that are not in evacuation zones.Pet friendly shelters are always a good option.


  • Bring all pets and animals indoors well ahead of a storm.
  • If you are going to a shelter make sure that it is pet friendly and that you arrive well ahead of time with all necessary paperwork.Try to always have your pet microchipped prior to any evacuations and emergencies.
  • Always call a shelter well ahead of time to determine that they have space for you and your pooch.
  • Do not take your pets to the beach or piers during a storm .
  • Do not leave them unattended to in a car during flood warnings.
  • Do not tie them up to anything or leave them outside in cold weather.
  • Use a GPS dog tracking collar.


  • Walk pets on dry land only and not submerged water.Downed power lines, reptiles and sharp objects may be lurking in  dirty water.
  • Let your pets become oriented to their “new home” by smelling and marking new territory.(outside the shelters)Remember that old familiar smells will be altered with flooding .
  • If you have lost your pet during an emergency or evacuation ,call your local animal control and start posting fliers.Anxious pets can suddenly become aggressive during stressful times.


  • All identification and vaccines must be kept in a waterproof container.
  • Two week supply of pet food and water
  • All medication and vitamins for your pets
  • Extra blankets and interactive toys
  • Muzzle, collars and leashes-double up on everything in case something breaks, which always seems to happen in an emergency.
  • Most importantly never leave your pets alone at home if you have to evacuate.Remember your pets depend on you to take care of them and don’t know what is happening around them.
  • Never take your pets out unleashed during an evacuation.Pets act up during stressful times and certain noises or situations may cause them to run away.
  • Always remain calm and if you can, play some classical music so that everyone, including your pets will relax.
  • Remain safe

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Also known as the Podenco Ibicenco and the Ca Eivissenc ,the Ibizan Hound naturally comes from Ibiza, Spain.This breed was favored by Spanish farmers and hunters and used to hunt rabbit and other small game.

Description: This breed is large and athletic with a gentle face.It is very long and has a deep chest and long, arched neck.With a narrow head , flesh colored nose and lips, this breed has large ,naturally erect ears.Their eye color range from either caramel  to amber.Tail is long .The coat is smooth,hard and short.Wirehaired coat ranges from 1 to 3 inches.Coat hair coloring is white or red, either together or as a solid color.

Height: 22.5  to 27.5 inches

Weight:42-50 pounds

Temperament: The Ibezan Hound is active and loyal.This breed is affectionate, thrives on attention.It is easily trainable and makes a great family dog.This breed is playful with family and friends and gets on with other dogs and children.

Activity. Medium to high energy level.

Needs: This breed does need exercise and positive training.

Health Concerns: Axonal dystrophy, sensitive to certain medications , anesthesia and pesticides.


Clicker Training Easy Tips



Ibizan Dog Rescue link

Ibezan Hound. AKC

Ibizan Hound Club of the United States





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World Records smallest living dog on the planet from Poland!

“The teeny terrier Meysi, who weighed about 1.58 ounces at birth, is unwittingly vying for the title of World’s Smallest Living Dog. But her owner Anna Pohl of Jarocin, Poland was not initially sure the cute canine would survive.


“It’s a miracle Meysi is even alive. When her mother Pusia started giving birth to her litter, I thought at first she had passed a piece of placenta and was about to throw it away when it suddenly started moving,” Pohl told the local paper, the Gazeta Jarocinska.

Guinness World Records guidelines specify that dogs must be at least one year old to be recognized as the smallest dog. The organization does not recognize smallest puppy yet.” KIDgrownup






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Country of Origin: Hungary


Group: Working, AKC,Guardian


History: This breed is also an older breed that first arrived in Hungary from Tibet in the 13th Century.

Also a hunter, sheepdog, guardian, and companion animal. This breed used to be very popular with  nobility.


Physical Description: The Kuvasz is a large, muscular dog that is powerful and strong.This breed has slanted brown  eyes and  black nose.V-shaped drop ears, a long tail and double coat with a wooly ,fluffy undercoat and slightly courser outer coat contribute to the Kuvasz’s great features.With a pure white coat, the Kuvasz blends in well with snow covered territory.

Height: 26 to 30 inches


Weight: 70 to 115 pounds


Temperament: A wonderful breed that is similar to the Labrador.This breed is gentle around kids and family,playful, intelligent and is cautious around strangers without being aggressive.Being independent, it is protective and like all other breeds, needs to be supervised around children-   the Kuvasz can also sometimes misinterpret rough play between children and adults.


Activity Level.High. Needs lots of space,regular exercise and schedule.


Special Needs: Regular exercise, fenced yard, lots of grooming,positive training, socialization and supervision with children.


Health Problems: Eye conditions possible, possible deafness,hip dysplasia and other orthopedic problems common with similar breeds.Thyroid problems and von Willebrand’s disease also sometimes are a problem.


Kuvasz Dog Rescue Link:

Kuvasz Club of America Link




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Okay,here I go again. Soi Dog Rescue.(pics of dogs for adoption) Following dog rescue news can be overwhelming with many sad clips of abuse and pain.Though it can be easy to overlook, these dogs need help. Please try to adopt or help these dogs fly out to new forever homes.


“Want to be a hero on your next holiday to Thailand? Then please consider participating in Soi Dog’s flight volunteer program. Adopted animals traveling with a passenger as accompanied baggage cost considerably less to transport then if flown as cargo. Flight Volunteers help reduce the cost of overseas adoptions  which helps get more animals adopted!” SOI DOG RESCUE

“ALL pre flight arrangements are handled by Soi Dog, you may be required to phone your airline & book the animal onto your flight. A Soi Dog representative will bring the animal to the airport and meet you there prior to your flight. Upon arriving at the destination you will be met by the adopter. In other words no work or expense involved on your part.” SOI DOG RESCUE

“Soi Dog Foundation is a not-for-profit, legally registered charitable organization in Thailand, the United States, Australia, the UK, France and Holland. Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand. Our aim is to set an example for the Asian region on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering, and to better the lives and living conditions of the stray dogs and feral cats of Asia.” SOY DOG RESCUE

“De-sexing (Sterilization) has been proven to be the most effective way to help the animals. Soi Dog has has reached a milestone of over 43,500 dogs and cats sterilized as of October 2012. Soi Dog is made up of people like yourself, be they financial supporters, field or shelter volunteers, fundraisers etc. with a common goal of helping neglected and abused dogs & cats. If you would like to join Soi Dog either by becoming a sponsor of a dog or cat, or as a local or international volunteer please click on the orange links above.” SOY DOG RESCUE

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1.  “Suitable for small to medium sized dogs, this solid red oak framed day bed has iconic design in pet sizes. A mid century modern aesthetic that accommodates dogs, cats, and their humans.” Modern Dog DayBed

2.  “They are made of food grade tin and come with a handy dandy one cup stainless steel scoop. Each tin is embellished with vinyl lettering and permanently attached, so there are no worries of chipping or scratching paint.” Bees Knees Workshop



3. “Sleek and simple, this pet bed mirrors the classic in a pet size. Suitable for cats and small dogs this bed features aluminum hairpin v-legs and headboard supports contrasted against a lacquer finish plywood keeps this bed timeless like the original.”MODPET


4. “This marigold painted shabby chic Elevated Pet Feeder is lightly distressed with a
bronze underlayment. The color on this raised pet feeder is beautiful. The feeder has lots of decorative detailing with two one quart paw print stainless steel bowls for dogs or cats.” COUNTRY MANS PET FEEDER

5. “This is an extra fluffy, extra comfy bed for your small dog or cat. This is made from a vintage grey suitcase. There are a few nicks along the edges from years of use that add to the character of the bed. A custom made pillow is encased in a removable yellow chevron print pillow sham. The pillow and pillow sham are both washable. The suitcase has been thoroughly cleaned with a non-toxic cleanser and then lined with a grey chevron print fabric.” Old Barn Treasures

6. “Brown dachshund wiener dog curls on a background of lime green and grass green stripes on my wide and shallow red earthenware clay pottery pet feeding dish / bowl. Five little puppy paw prints follows behind. Outside, is a rich grass green with lots of black paw prints.  ” Clay Lick Pottery


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Image Credit: Wiki

Also known as the Cane da Pastore Bergamasco, this herding breed is an ancient breed that is believed to be related to the Maremma Sheepdog.These intelligent dogs originate from Italy.

Group: Herding

History: Many believe that this breed descended from Asian herding dogs that initially came to Europe with nomadic shepherds.This breed was used to herd sheep in the mountains and was extremely valued as a sheepherding dog.It was said that the bloodlines were kept a secret.The Bergamasco was close to extinction after WW II. Dr.Andrea Andreoli was instrumental in saving this breed before extinction.She was a scientist that observed the genetic traits of this breed and developed champion lines.


This fun breed is medium to heavy-boned.The Bergamasco carries lots of muscle and is a much longer than tall dog.With his long head, blunt muzzle and drop ears, the Bergamasco has a thick and heavy coat that looks as if the coat has been braided into ‘cords’.  These are called “flocks”.The Bergamasco has long hair on his head that covers both eyes.Coloring ranges from a silvery grey to charcoal .

Height: 22-25 inches

Weight: 60 to 85 pounds

Temperament: Great disposition with a combination of intelligence and courage.A wonderful family dog that is great with children, nonetheless this breed tends to be shy around strangers.The Bergamasco needs firm training with lots of positive reinforcement.They do not do well with harsh training and are sensitive dogs.This breed loves to please but also has an alpha personality.It is not a subordinate breed but one that is intelligent, playful and devoted to family.

Activity: Moderate. The Bergamasco  needs space and exercise, as well as training.This breed like all breeds needs socialization.

Health : No known health concerns.

Life expectancy of this breed ranges from 13-15 years with immunizations, a good diet, exercise and a healthy environment.

Video Credit: RUNshop


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