Illegal elephant poaching has peaked and with the demand from China for ivory trinkets and jewelry, the demand for ivory from China is insatiable.There are 300 million middle class in China ,all of whom buy trinkets, jewelry and other goods made with ivory.

There were twenty-two dead elephants, some calves who were clumped together on the open savanna. Most of the dead elephants had been killed by a single bullet to the top of the head. Apparently this could only have been caused by  sniper shots from helicopters.

According to the New York Times “ Park rangers discovered a poached elephant, stripped of ivory, deep in the park. Some recently poached elephants had been sexually mutilated, with their genitals or nipples cut off, possibly for sale — a phenomenon researchers say they had not encountered before.” (Tyler Hicks/NYT) NEW YORK TIMES

“Armies including the Ugandan military, the Congolese Army, and South Sudan’s military are also poaching using military helicopters to slaughter from above.” NEW YORK TIMES

“The Ugandan military has received tens of millions of dollars from the US to help its search for Joseph Kony, whose Lord’s Resistance Army is also believed to be engaged in widespread poaching. “What bothers me is that it’s probably American taxpayer money paying for the jet fuel for the helicopter,” says an American who works as a pilot in the park.” NYT


“Uganda is one of the Pentagon’s closest and well armed allies in Africa, is apparently  using its helicopters to slaughter thousand of elephants in poaching raids for ivory in neighboring countries to sell to China”.Current.

“Soldiers from US-trained and funded armies in Uganda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo have been implicated in poaching and ivory smuggling”.Newser

New York Times -Africa Full Story

Claudia Bensimoun

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