Experienced volunteer veterinarians with a minimum of 2 years experience in small animal care are urgently needed at both the Khanchanburi shelter and at Soi Dog’s shelter in Phuket. Interested veterinarians please contact Belinda Davis at:

“For example in January of this year according to official figures 1,968 dogs were rescued from a smuggler’s holding center in the district of Ban Tharae which is the center of the Thai dog meat industry. The full facts surrounding this one incident can be seen in the video which contains no images designed to shock. Suffice to say only around 100 of these dogs are alive 8 months later, in a remote shelter in NW Thailand that hosts the most extreme climate in Thailand, with the hottest summers, the coldest winters and heaviest rainfall.

And they continue to die, along with the remaining unclaimed pets abandoned during last years floods also kept at this center. That means 1868 dogs from that one raid have died or disappeared. Imagine the world outcry if this were a human tragedy. Yet these dogs have feelings the same as we do and unlike the other centers we visited where at least the majority of dogs are excited to see us, at Thong Pha Phum the dogs appear to have given up and simply lie there, clearly depressed as if knowing their fate.” Soi Dog Rescue


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From now on,make your resolution to find out all there is to know about canine cancer.Tweet your findings-help others find the best veterinary care needed.It is predicted that one in two dogs will succumb to cancer.Nothing good comes from leaving things until the last moment, and as always, being prepared and scouring canine oncology clinics for cutting edge treatments , will allow for you to fully take care of your furry companion, emotionally and physically, should you need to.Canine cancer is becoming an epidemic.

This video was made by who lost her dog to liver cancer.

Thanks for sharing this beautiful video of Mo.

Claudia Bensimoun

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“The passion that moves us forward is from

experiencing what Cancer really does to the ones we love.

We are driven because there is a hole in our soul

                                                                        where once was the love of our dog.” Gary D. Nice


Cancer is not a death sentence, but can be overwhelming.However many things can be done to help dogs with a cancer diagnosis.Dr. Demian Dressler  in Hawaii and Dr.Ettinger in New York both discuss cancer and  full spectrum care-using any tool that can benefit our dogs and getting rid of all biases .Dr.Demian Dressler has a great dog cancer blog and information to help dogs stricken with cancer.One in two dogs is predicted to get cancer in their lives.It used to be one in three but today cancer in dogs is the number one killer. Cyberknife treatment for brain and nasal tumors run between $7500 to $8000.This is inclusive of cat scans and anesthesia.Dogs stay for a week to receive treatment which often run up to three in a week.The Cyberknife treatment is only done by Dr.Ettinger in New York and Colorado Sate University Animal Cancer Center.Dogs from Canada, Virginia and other states have been treated and dog parents find this method convenient, because the cancer can be treated in a short time frame.


Links to Cancer Centers for Dogs in the US and Worldwide

Colorado State University Animal Cancer Center

Veterinary Oncology Centers Worldwide

Veterinary Society of Oncology Centers in the US

Canine Cancer Twitter Link

National Cancer Foundation for Canines

Dog Cancer Support Group

Max the dog and the cyberknife blog

Causes of Cancer in Dogs

  • Carcinogens-air, water, diet
  • Dog Food-the sodium nitrate turns into potent carcinogens as well as the fish meal often found in dog food. Because dog food is super heated, the food ingredients have the potential to change genes.
  • Early vaccines also may lead to early cancer in dogs-shift in the immune system.
  • Spay/Neuter at a young age will increase the odds of getting cancer. Research linked to children and vaccines.
  •  Increased rate of bladder, bone, blood vessel and prostate cancer linked to early spay and neuter in dogs.Recommended neuter/spay at a year and a half to prevent increased odds.
  • Role of Psychology Connection-neuro immunology-body and mind link.The higher the stress level in dogs, the higher the odds of getting cancer.

Recommended Books

The Dog Cancer Diet by Dr.Demian Dressler

The Dog Cancer Survivor Guide by Dr.Demian Dressler


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For all ‘Scottie’ parents, cancer is the most feared disease.Cancer grows inside the body and can go unnoticed  for a long while- silent killer.Some breeds like the Scottish terrier are more prone to liver cancer than other breeds.Scotties often get primary tumors of the liver.Most importantly is how the liver is affected when cancer has spread from other parts of the body.Scotties are also unfortunately more prone to certain cancers than other dogs.

  • bladder cancer
  • transitional cell carcinomas of the lower urinary tract
  • malignant melanoma
  • gastric carcinoma
  • lymphosarcoma
  • nasal carcinoma
  • mast cell carcinoma
  • liver cancer


  • balance problems
  • weight loss
  • crytorchidism

Image Credit: Wiki


  • drug induced anorexia
  • bleeding disorders
  • jaundice as disease progresses
  • lethargy
  • greenish faeces
  • increased thirst
  • increased urination


  • Nutrition is very important
  • The cancer diet must be a protein based one from either soybean or milk.
  • A cancer diet must contain all the necessary amounts of vitamins such as Vitamin C and zinc, but must be low in copper.
  • Vitamin E may be added in larger amounts as this vitamin aids the liver and promotes healing.
  • Adding selenium at 200 micrograms a day repairs damage in the DNA molecule and kills any future cancer cell growth.
  • Vitamin A is sometimes used as a cancer treatment in oncology.



  • Rimadayl-  arthritis meds-  in some instances this drug has been found to produce a severe but reversible cancer.
  • Steroid and anti-inflammatories
  • Oxybendazole-this ingredient is in Filaribits Plus and is thought to have caused liver cancer in many Scotties, when the product first came out in the market.
  • Anticonvulsants can cause changes in blood work and sometimes can cause real liver cancer.
  • Prednisone and Cortisone given in excess can cause Cushings Syndrome.
  • Having blood work done prior to any surgeries even before a dental cleaning is important.

Research from the  National Canine Foundation show that 35% of all cancers are caused by dietary imbalances.Too much meat,chicken, fish and dairy has given rise to higher cancer rates in dogs.

Diet plays a large role in cancer formation as well as cancer prevention. Carcinogens in dog food can alter genetic formation and turn healthy cells into potential cancer cells.

Over -vaccination, poor diets and the genetic makeup of your dog are all factors that can make your dog more susceptible to cancer.


  • Adding  assorted vegetables to a diet will let your dog have the benefits of the phytonutrients that are in these fruits and vegetables.
  • Cabbage, kale,bok choy,turnips,rutabagas,mustard greens and brussel sprouts are  crusciferous vegetables that aid in protecting your dogs from cancer.
  • No saturated fats.
  • Low animal fats
  • Lots of Omega -3 fatty acids since these stop the tumor from growing.
  • Adding one to two tablespoons of flax oil or flaxseeds-ground.
  • Add fucoidan-polymer found in brown seaweed-this can dissipate cancer cells.Fucoidan also boosts the body immune system.Fucoidan blocks a cancer cell’s ability to replicate.
  • Essiac tea-the essiac formula reduces the sizes of cancer masses and a reduction in pain and discomfort.
  • Wobenzym N-this is a systemic enzyme supplement .Wobenzym contains  chymotrypsin which dissolves the outer  protein layer of the cancer cells, which then in turn allows for the immune system or the anti- cancer meds to center and  start destroying the cancer cells.
  • Poly-MVA destroys cancer cells by interfering with their metabolism- administered orally .
  • Selenium- this mineral is a trace mineral and required only in small amounts.Super important in cancer prevention in dogs.

Image Credit: Wiki


Combining  cancer therapies and creating a specific program with your veterinarian, will allow for dog parents to combine both holistic and conventional  cancer treatments.

‘Since 1950, Morris Animal Foundation has invested in more than 800 canine health studies for a total of $30 million. This foundation was established by Dr.Mark l. Morris.’

‘Improved Cancer Treatments and Diagnostics: As a leader in funding animal cancer studies, Morris Animal Foundation has supported nearly 200 canine cancer studies. These studies have led to more effective chemotherapy treatments for bone cancer, soft-tissue sarcomas and lymphoma, the development an early diagnostic test for lymphoma and the identification of genetic causes for lymphoma. Funding also helped establish two programs that train cancer scientists and a national tumor tissue bank, which now helps canine cancer researchers study eight different cancers.’ Morris Animal Foundation.



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Homeless Dog Poem

I feel cold and freshly abandoned,

My heart is aching more and more as I walk along the streets of confusion

Lightning strikes down on the road

Rain is pounding down on my matted fur

My stomach lets out a hungry grumble

Cars whizzing past me strike terror into me

I am a stray

-Pearl B, age 11

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What is vaccine-induced meningoencephalitis?

Post Rabies induced encephalitis

  • Shows up in the system 10-21 days after the rabies vaccination.
  • Symptoms are similar to rabies
  • limpness
  • paralysis
  • severe inflammation of the dog’s brain and spinal cord.

Veterinarians say that symptoms will vary according to which part of the nervous system is affected.



Rabies vaccines fall into two categories

  • Modified live- these vaccines have the ability to become active and may cause diseases including the vaccine induced rabies
  • ‘Killed’-these vaccines cannot cause disease, but can trigger off serious allergic reactions.

Most Important Tip About These Vaccines.

The sick dog is not infectious to other dogs ,nonetheless the condition is incurable and terminal.

FullSizeRender copy 5

Image credit: Claudia Bensimoun
“It appears that even at 20% of the gross revenue, rabies shots may constitute 100% of the net profits – or even worse, subsidize a net-deficit practice – of average small-vet practices. The loss of two years of shots, on which these practices seem dependent, would have a devastating economic impact if not replaced.A vial of rabies vaccine costs the veterinarian about 61 cents and is typically administered at a cost to the guardian of from $15 to $38 – not including the $35 office visit. In perspective, an 18-oz. package of Kellogg’s Sugar Frosted Flakes® is $2.20 to the grocer and approximately $2.75 retail. If the grocer’s mark-up were comparable to that of rabies vaccine, Frosted Flakes would cost $137 without the office visit and more than $260 with it. To borrow Tony the Tiger’s expression, that size of a mark-up is “Gr-r-reat!”(courtesy of
Take out 1 year of rabies vaccination and the consequential office visit– just for dogs — and the average small-practice vet’s income drops from approximately $87,000 to $25,000 — and this doesn’t include cats or other vaccinations!”(courtesy of

How Does Biogal Help All Dog Parents?

Requesting the use of Biogal titers-Vaccicheck – means that no blood work has to be sent to a lab and all work is done in-house,making the costs much more affordable for pet parents.It’s no surprise to many upset dog parents that many veterinarians will insist on revaccinating your dogs each year.Not only is this not healthy for your dogs ,but it is also expensive .Biogal titers done in-house at the clinic will run at a cost of $20 and prevent any unnecessary vaccinations being given.

What Is Titer Testing?

Titer testing helps to measure the level of antibodies in a blood sample.However with Biogal, this can be done at the clinic and no blood work needs to be sent out, thus making it much more affordable to do.VacciCheck costs vets $20 per titer.

Vaccicheck is a single in-clinic test that accurately measures canine antibody titer to Infectious Hepatitis (ICH), Parvovirus (CPV) and Distemper (CDV).Nonetheless, some research indicates that  dogs can have high titers but low immunity or low titers and strong immunity.Costs of doing titers depends on the number of tests being done.The more tests on numerous dogs, the cheaper the cost.So places like shelters and kennels will have the cheaper costs running titers.Titer testing helps when there is an outbreak and shelters need to determine  which dogs are protected.

This test measures parvovirus and distemper as well as also adenovirus.  Vaccicheck also has a test for felines.

Although all veterinarians and dog parents agree vaccines are necessary, the yearly frequency in which they’re given is questioned and with Biogal-Vaccicheck, one can have a simple affordable test done right at the clinic with no side effects.There have been so many dogs that have suffered devastating side effects from the Rabies vaccine.

“If your dog is due for a rabies shot, consult a vet trained in homeopathy if possible. A homeopathic remedy given with the shot, or even afterwards, may reduce or even eliminate the chance of ill effects.”  Dr. Richard Pitcairn.


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