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Greece, we have a problem. No news from Loukanikos, your national hero!


For Loukanikos, the heroic Greek protest dog, attending each demonstration was an opportunity to have some fun and give Greek youths some encouragement.


Then just as suddenly, this brave and handsome protest dog that had eagerly participated in all the Greek riots, suddenly vanished . After many months of trying to locate Loukanikos, I finally received a comment on my blog. Loukanikos is safe and well.

Thanks Marian!

Here’s how the blog comment goes.

WHERE IS LOUKANIKOS? THE GREEK STRAY.                    In 2007 demonstrators in Greece mourned the death of Kanellos, the stray that always accompanied Loukanikos, another stray protest dog in Athens, Greece.They both avoided police and fire and joined forces with the lines of demonstrators in the Greek capital, […]


I met a man feeding strays on a street in central Athens this past Wednesday and asked him if he knew the whereabouts of Loukanikos. He told me he is keeping him at his home, to make sure that he stays safe. He claimed that some people wanted to steal him and sell him. Then he kept him in because of the elections, but now plans to let him out again in a couple of weeks.



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