As you can see, i have become totally inspired by these awesome dingoes on Fraser Island and elsewhere.With not long to go before extinction-5 years- it would be nice to see more done for this persecuted species.

This is a wonderful video by Jennifer Parkhurst with a dingo-Jay- on Fraser Island.She asks all visitors not to make complaints against any dingo on Fraser Island, since each dingo accumulates points against it and finally gets’ put down’.She estimates that the dingo population  faces extinction within 5 years and not 20 years, as many have said.She also says that these dingoes are ” docile, social creatures” and inspire her.Jennifer Parkhurst is a renowned wildlife photographer,  that as recently as May 2012 was fined $40 000 for feeding dingoes on Fraser Island. She could have faced a nasty jail term.She gives her dingoes names as opposed to numbers, and like Goodall has attracted criticism for observing that her subject matter-dingoes have emotions.

Claudia Bensimoun

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