This is a unique concept but one that seems to work .A battle to save every homeless cat and dog in the US. What makes it so special is that these animals are not being saved from the streets or abusive homes, but from the US. animal shelter system.

Most animal shelters create depression and anxiety in animals .Dogs and cats are warehoused in cages in either very crowded or isolated conditions.

Shelter Revolution foresees a clear solution to ending this and has  formulated a new model that is based on human day cares and dog day care centers.This wonderful Adoption model  allows animals to live in a natural communal setting and have lots of play time and fun.

How does Shelter Revolution do this?

Dogs and cats are separated by size and personality(I love this) and they live in a dorm- like setting with an outside play area for socializing and exercise.Thomas Cole, the founder of Shelter Revolution does not promote animal hoarding.Cats have a separate sanctuary. All animals would have a medical center for when they are ill, a quarantine center for new arrivals ,spay and neuter and rehabilitation.This model would rely on volunteers to socialize and train dogs so that they are easier to adopt.This is open to all rescue groups to volunteer help.With the average cost running at $ 1.3 million to start an adoption center, Shelter Revolution’s website shows communities how to start a Shelter Revolution.


Killing is not an option.

Rehab and rehoming animals is the goal.

What does Shelter Revolution offer?

They offer more than a dozen privately owned shelters and sanctuaries where this day care concept  proves to be working.

Research shows that stimulating environments that provide play, stimuli and security promote calm, balanced cats and dogs that are easier to adopt.

Claudia Bensimoun

Canine freelance

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