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These dogs were first seen in the UK and are from the terrier family of dogs.

The Paisley Terrier is now an extinct breed.

They originated from Scotland and were given the name Paisley because of the place they were bred in.They look similar to the Yorky and had long ,silky coats that reached the floor.They had long ears and a small head.These terriers could not be left alone for many hours and if they did, they became depressed and aggressive.Paisley terriers made great show dogs and were small and short weighing in at half the weight of Skye terriers.

Always considered to be the ideal pet for women, these terriers needed a lot of attention and could bark endlessly if bored or angry.

Grooming was always an issue as it often took many hours to groom a Paisley terrier.They needed frequent bathing and  coat trimming and their coats needed to be blow tried to avoid tangling.Paisley’s had wonderful flowing coats that reached the ground so that you could not see their legs.They  normally had a tan or  blue color and lots of feathering in their coats.

These terriers were ideal as house dogs and enjoyed being part of a family..

Fun Fact

Paisley terriers became extinct because of their grooming requirements.

Image Credit: Wiki



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