Animal advocates from the Lexus Project campaigning to save Onion, a 120-pound Mastiff-Rhodesian ridgeback mix, were disappointed Friday when a Nevada judge gave the go-ahead for animal control officers to end the dog’s life.

Onion attacked his owner’s 1-year-old son after the family celebrated the boy’s first birthday. The Lexus Project stepped in on behalf of the dog with a temporary restraining order to save him from being euthanized. They also found an animal sanctuary in Colorado where 6-year-old Onion could live without fear of ever hurting another human being.

The group argued that Onion should be given a second chance because he never showed signs of aggression before the attack. They believe the dog acted out of instinct when the toddler startled him as he slept.Most dog parents are aware of this and  question why the parents of the one year old were not watching their toddler?Should they not be charged with child endangerment instead ? Why have an unsupervised mastiff or any dog around a one year old?

After hearing from the Lexus Project and City of Henderson attorneys for 90 minutes Clark County District Court Judge Joanna Kishner ruled for the dog to be euthanized. Whis is this Judge not giving this dog a second chance?Let’s hope that this dog is still alive and that we can help.There are so many rehab centers for dogs and having been around mastiffs most of my life,i know firsthand that these dogs are great family dogs but guard dogs at the same time .