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Prada, who is a 4-year-old Pit Bull mix, was released on Thursday from Nashville’s Animal Control facility. This dog had been held since January 2011.The judge ordered that he be put down but his dog parent insisted that Prada deserved a second chance and be sent to Villalobos,a rescue rehab center that has been featured many times in Pet Planet.

After doing some research on Villalobos, here’s what I came up with.

1.Dogs are sent here for rehab for behavioral issues.

2.Wonderful place that takes in aggressive dogs and injured dogs and helps them to overcome aggressive issues.Definitely gives them a second chance.

3.All training methods are reward based and positive reinforcement combined with structure is used.

4.For more information on this great dog rescue and rehab called Villalobos .

This is a great alternative instead of putting dogs down. Please keep this place in mind ,should any dog parent ever be put in this situation.Aggressive  dogs can be rehabilitated and most definitely deserve a second chance.Sometimes environmental factors combined with bad or inconsistent training contributes to an aggressive dog.Pit Bulls and other dogs that are labeled aggressive are not necessarily born aggressive, but have had negative influences in their lives.Helping dogs overcomes abuse will determine their future in a positive way.


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