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South Africa has an indigenous breed that is now being registered as ‘africanis’.

The dogs in the breed don’t look the same- there are several different-looking groups within the breed, according to their geographical origins. They are rather like the German shepherd when it was first registered.

These dogs have been here for centuries and are extremely hardy and resistant to diseases and parasites such as ticks. They hardly ever come down with biliary-tick bite fever and show no signs of hip dysplasia, normally found in shepherds.  The wolf blood totally cancelled out hip problems in these dogs. They are hardy like the mountain ponies you find out in the countryside. The longevity of the offspring was also greatly increased by the wolf blood in these Bushdogs.

Many breeders are crossing these again with German shepherds. South African breeders say that the temperament is unsuitable for work. However if you get the percentage of wolf blood reduced to 12.5%, one has a less skittish,more self controlled dog.These dogs are great in the home but need room to roam such as large farms and plenty of exercise.They are also very protective of their families but are calm and sometimes shy with fun personalities if given the right environment.

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White German Shepherd

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There’s probably no better subject than the White German shepherd. In 1933 they were banned from showing and in 1968 banned from competing , although they could compete in the confirmation classes. They were bred for show and as companion dogs.

Fortunately, in 1969 the White German shepherd club was formed and in 1977 the International Club was made official. Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland once again recognized them as a separate breed-the Swiss shepherd.

They were imported from Ann Tracy’s kennels to the Hanchett kennels in the US in the 1920’s.


  • These dogs are not albinos. They have normal colored eyes, paws, eyelids and nose.
  • White coats, which should be snow white, but a light tan passes.
  • Coat is of a medium length with the normal thickening around the neck area.
  • Obedient and very similar to the German shepherd.  Responsive and energetic.


Genetic research has shown that the code for white coats in German shepherds is the MC1R gene and that this gene is completely unrelated to the albino gene.

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Prada, who is a 4-year-old Pit Bull mix, was released on Thursday from Nashville’s Animal Control facility. This dog had been held since January 2011.The judge ordered that he be put down but his dog parent insisted that Prada deserved a second chance and be sent to Villalobos,a rescue rehab center that has been featured many times in Pet Planet.

After doing some research on Villalobos, here’s what I came up with.

1.Dogs are sent here for rehab for behavioral issues.

2.Wonderful place that takes in aggressive dogs and injured dogs and helps them to overcome aggressive issues.Definitely gives them a second chance.

3.All training methods are reward based and positive reinforcement combined with structure is used.

4.For more information on this great dog rescue and rehab called Villalobos .

This is a great alternative instead of putting dogs down. Please keep this place in mind ,should any dog parent ever be put in this situation.Aggressive  dogs can be rehabilitated and most definitely deserve a second chance.Sometimes environmental factors combined with bad or inconsistent training contributes to an aggressive dog.Pit Bulls and other dogs that are labeled aggressive are not necessarily born aggressive, but have had negative influences in their lives.Helping dogs overcomes abuse will determine their future in a positive way.


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A puppy named Byrdie delayed several flights at New York’s LaGuardia Airport when she escaped from her crate and frolicked around a busy runway.

It’s happened yet again. Escaped K9 at the airport! Not only is this dangerous, but also avoidable.

Had the airport not been able to track down the owner, this may have been a sad ending for Byrdie.

Buy only the best when it comes to crates for traveling and flying. Do not borrow or use old and possibly damaged crates. Buying the very best quality crates is not only important for safety, but also for your dogs’ comfort.

Stay with your furry -friend at the airport until he is ready to board. Some airlines allow for small dogs to fly with them in the passenger section. Guide dogs can travel with you too. Try  to avoid flying your dogs in cargo.

A great airline for animal travel is   Pet Air

Don’t be hesitant to inquire about the airlines emergency policy, should the flight be delayed or arrive at the wrong destination.

Ask the airlines about the plans they have in case Fido ends up on the wrong airlines or possibly injured.

Make sure that all animals are micro chipped and all contact information is on the crate and in triplicate.

Have many photographs of your furry- friend and be sure to have one on the crate, with your documents and in another safe place.

Pet insurance is always recommended and most veterinarians welcome giving out information on preferred airlines for canine travel.

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Do you have a German shepherd? Are you wondering about the meaning of Schutzhund?

Schutzhund is a German word that literally means “protection dog.” To be a Schutzhund the dog must successfully accomplish a working dog trial in Germany that breeders use to evaluate the working ability and temperament of their dogs. Every dog in Germany for the last 100+ years, must first pass the working dog trial prior to being used for breeding. By using this working dog trial, which is judged by impartial judges, German breeders have been able to eliminate those dogs that have undesirable qualities from the breeding program. A breeding dog in Germany must also meet other requirements; good hips, conformation, evaluation, and a DNA history of bloodlines before the dog may be bred in Germany.


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Eastern European Shepherd




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The Differences Between East and West German Shepherd Lines and The American German Shepherd Lines

You might be thinking: Is there any difference?Start thinking temperament, confirmation, coloring and movement. So you’re undecided on which line of pups is best for you and your family. Asking yourself first if you want a working dog, family or show dog. Temperaments differ greatly. Start by making a list of all the qualities you are looking for in your shepherd. Pink papered imported pups from Germany are free of hip dysplasia and come from generations of parents that are free of hip dysplasia and that have Schutzhund titles.

History of the Western and Eastern Shepherd

Western German Shepherd


Image Credit: Wiki

From 1949 until 1990, Germany was divided into the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) in the East, and the Federal Republic of Germany in the West. The DDR, being a communist state under influence from the USSR, was kept separate from West Germany. This separation is what caused the split in German shepherd bloodlines that persists to this day.

The working lines in Czech were bred to have a high pain tolerance so that they could endure the hardships of protection work and border patrol. They are mostly black and tan, all black and sometimes sable in color.

  • Breeders focus mainly on good movement and looks.
  • These shepherds are larger, heavier but have a lighter bone structure.
  • Temperament plays a huge factor here as shepherds from the US were not bred as working /herding dogs but for show.
  • In Germany both parents have working titles-Schutzhund and are hip certified before they are allowed to breed.
  • Schutzhund is about accountability, whereas in the US and Canada, breeders do not need any of these things except pedigree.
  • German shepherds in the US are primarily judged by their looks.

To German shepherd breeders , their dogs working ability was most important, and then came the outstanding looks.

The West German show lines are the most popular worldwide. These dogs are mostly black and red and exhibit a fluid, ground-eating trot.

The Czech lines were originally bred in Communist Czech as state working dogs.

  • Large blocky head with big bone structure and much leaner in build. These shepherds have straighter backs and fewer problems with hip dysplasia. However, they are high-energy dogs.

Czech line German Shepherds and East German DDR German Shepherds are essentially the same bloodline.

The bloodlines in West Germany were split between working line dogs and show line dogs.

It is important to recognize that the working line and show line German Shepherds from West Germany are vastly different.

Show line dogs are bred to be physically attractive, but lack the courage and strong nerves of a true protection dog.

Accepting that West German show line dogs are unfit for protection work, the true comparison is between the West German working line (often stated simply as German working line), and the DDR/Czech line. There has been much debate over which is superior, and this debate may continue for years to come.

Some people consider the West German lines to be superior, arguing that the DDR/Czech lines were developed before the split between working and show lines, and are not extraordinary in either discipline.

Both lines were recovered from the original German bloodlines after WWII, and both have been continuously built up and bred for working qualities over the past 60 years. The bottom line is that they are both working line dogs.

Showlines are a better choice for homes with children and working lines for protection work.

The American shepherds are calmer in temperament and have a lower energy drive. The North American shepherd relies on physical ability to move quickly and turns on the blink of an eye.

Many breeders have attempted to combine the East and West or American shepherds to achieve a lower incidence of hip dysplasia and achieve a strong work instinct and more refined show lines.

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