Dogs love pampering as much as we do,add some great organic products such as a Buchu scrub and khakibos shampoo,available online from Vondi’s  and you have Safari Spa Day.

The Buchu scrub is a bacterial soap scrub made especially for our furry friends and is great for itchy,dry skin that have hot spots and skin irritations.This scrub cleans and cools the skin.

Khakibos Shampoo is a natural,chemical free shampoo.It is soft on the skin whilst also acting as a flea and tick repellent.

Buchu Anti-inflammatory moisturizing oil works wonders for arthritic dogs and is perfect for dry,irritable skin.Massage gently on the skin and let Fido enjoy.

Keep in mind that for all skin allergies,a holistic and natural treatment is all that is needed.Diet is most important and is often a contributory factor in skin irritations.By avoiding a chemical based shampoo and flea repellent and taking a holistic approach,you’ll make his day!

Claudia Bensimoun

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