As committed as we may be to our dogs and pets,some of us are not as prepared as we should be in times of natural disaster.It’s essential to be prepared well ahead of time.Although a good survival kit is always a must, don’t be hesitant to go overboard when shopping for all necessities and a few of  Fido’s favorite treats and toys.Being organized in times of stress and knowing how to handle flooding and an emergency move with your dogs, can be a life saver.

Most importantly, bring your pets with you in case of an evacuation.


Pet Survival Kit

A crate or carrier large enough for the animal to stand and turn around  comfortably in.

Two-week supply of food 
and water.

Cat litter

Toys and  blanket

A variety of treats.

Photos of your pets.

Rabies certificate and current license.Vaccination papers and name and address of your veterinarian.

Microchipping your dogs.

Cleaning Products

Extra leashes and collars

All medications and vitamins that your dog takes.Make sure that you have an extra supply in case you run out.

Pup grass or pee pads , especially helpful when you are stranded inside your home due to flooding and heavy rains.

Pet hurricane kits 

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The Xolo were among the first breeds recorded by the American Kennel Club (AKC).

The Xolo was recognized by AKC in 2011.

This is a small to medium dog breed that originated from the Aztecs.

Erect ears and long tail

Sometimes hairless and are prone to sunburn.

Short ,flat coats if they do have a coat.

Life Span 12-15 years

Fun Tips

A Mexican dog named ‘Mee Too’ made breed history as the first AKC-registered Xolo in 1887.

‘Chinito Junior’, bred and owned by Valetska Radtke of New York City, became the breed’s only AKC champion to date. He earned his title on October 19, 1940.

In 1959, the Xolo was dropped from the AKC stud book due to the breed’s scarcity and perceived extinction.

The Xoloitzcuintli Club of America (XCA) was founded in October 1986 to regain AKC recognition for the breed. On May 13, 2008, AKC voted to readmit the breed to its Miscellaneous Class starting January 1, 2009.  The founding members voted unanimously to recognize all three sizes (toy, miniature and standard) and both varieties (hairless and coated) at their initial meeting.

Adult Xolos are calm in temperament, but puppies can be extremely energetic and playful until they reach two.

Highly intelligent and energetic, curious as well as very social, the Xolo are also known to be slightly aggressive and do not back down from a fight. However, adult dogs if raised properly will turn out to be affectionate and behaved.

The Xolo has high exercise needs and thrives on being around other dogs.

Behavioral problems are due to the Xolo not getting enough physical exercise.Due to their high intelligence, these dogs also benefit from mental stimulation.

Xolos originated from tropical climates and are not suited for outdoor life in colder temperate and northern climates.

These dogs are an indoor  breed.

They need bathing, light grooming and skin care .

The Xolo can be prone to acne.

Most skin problems are from poor breeding  and sunburn .Application of too much sunburn often causes blocked pores resulting in acne.

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    As you probably all know, today is National Dog Day-August 26th 2012. National Dog Day was founded in 2004 by pet lifestyle expert and pet author Colleen  Paige.It was created to celebrate and honor all dogs and to give them ” a special day”. This special day encourages all dog parents of all dog breeds to show appreciation for their long connection  to our furry canine friends.

National Dog Day encourages the opportunity for all dogs to live a  life filled with love and respect every day and one that is ” free  from abuse”.   National Dog Day is anti any form of breed ban and discourages anyone from buying pups from pet stores, backyard breeders, the internet,newspaper ads, puppy mills, but rather if seeking pure breeds, buying from reputable AKC breeders or adopting from shelters.

There are many alternatives such as adopting from pure breed rescue shelters  and giving dogs  that  second chance. Please try to  visit your local dog shelter  and adopting a furry best friend on National Dog Day.This day will also represent many  a canine’s birthday- similar to July 4th.Try to donate to a dog rescue on this day.Call 1-800-Flowers.com.

They are offering  a 10% discount on any arrangement.They are also giving back 10% to help shelter dogs.Should you happen to adopt  your furry best friend today, celebrate today as their birthday.     PLease adopt! A staggering 3-4 million healthy ,adoptable dogs are euthanized every year at shelters across the US.

Many are living off the streets, where they have been abandoned by families that once loved them as pups. American Humane Association’s Animal Welfare Research Institute released the results of a three part study and results indicated that  of the 117.5 million households in the US ., only 46.3 million are dog parents and only 38.9 million own a feline. To all   -HAPPY NATIONAL DOG DAY !


Abandoned Dog by Robert William Service
They dumped it on the lonely road,
Then like a streak they sped;
And as along the way I strode
I thought that it was dead:
And then I saw that yelping pup
Rise, race to catch them up.You know how silly wee dogs are.
It thought they were in fun.
Trying to overtake their car
I saw it run and run:
But as they faster, faster went,
It stumbled, sore and spent.I found it prone upon the way;
Of life was little token.
As limply in the dust it lay
I thought its heart was broken:
Then one dim eye it opened and
It sought to like my hand.

Of course I took it gently up
And brought it to my wife
Who loves all dogs, and now that pup
Shares in our happy life:
Yet how I curse the bastards who
Its good luck never knew!

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Most dogs love to travel, and we often take them with us.Sometimes internationally! But what happens if they get sick or injured outside of the US.It’s not surprising that many dog parents are thoroughly researching their pet insurance coverage, especially with the rising costs of veterinary bills .

Pets Best Insurance covers international claims and according to many policyholders, health coverage continues even when temporarily out the country.

Pets Best Insurance is one of the only pet insurers to give this sort of protection to pet parents.

Enrollment :

Pet parents must reside in the US to enroll.

Pets must be seen by a licensed veterinarian while traveling.

Emergency veterinarian costs are covered.

Here’s what is so fantastic.

Reimbursement by Pets Best ,according to dog parents is simple and easy.Just send the veterinary bill from the country that you are visiting and Pets Best covers it.The invoice can also be filed online and the claim payment directly deposited into your bank account.The claim can be submitted in any currency so you do not have to convert the invoice.

Pets Best is based in Boise,Idaho and reimburses pet parents for 80% o of veterinary services after a deductible.There is no fee restriction and no benefit schedules.

No age restrictions

Dog parents can choose any  licensed veterinarian.

Any pet has guaranteed acceptance for accident-only policies.

Even seriously ill pets will get coverage against unexpected costs from accidental injury.Definitely a big bonus!

How to get Pets Best Insurance?

Aetna Insurance Company of Connecticut (AICC) underwrites insurance plans that are provided by Pets Best Insurance.Pets Best Insurance have recently partnered up with AVMA.



There are plenty of opportunities for dog parents to avoid being caught by surprise with a huge veterinary emergency that most times run in the thousands. Keeping in mind that Pets Best Insurance not only seems affordable for everyone, but also does not rule out age and prior medical conditions ,for accidental insurance this does seem to be a great pet insurance.As for international coverage, that’s an added plus.

I would love comments on how many dog parents have not been able to afford a veterinary surgery or have had a major veterinary emergency and have not been able to pay their veterinary bills.Many pet parents have had to turn to media to get funding for emergency veterinary surgery ,or turn to Rescues with more affordable veterinary care.Please get pet insurance.This does help tremendously and can save your dog’s life .

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Sometimes psychotropic drugs have negative effects on our canines ,and as dog parents we may worry about the side effects that have the potential to change personality.

According to new research, Dr.Claude Beata, of Toulon, France introduced a new fish product, Procalm  made from hydrolyzed protein – whitefish. 

So what does Procalm do?


Procalm  induces positive changes and many dog owners say that dog personality changes are spontaneous and fast.These once anxious dogs become happy ,relaxed dogs in a short period of time.

Shopping link for Procalm:

Depression in dogs can happen at any time.

Depression does not only happen to humans. It can be quite serious in canines and as long as we are able to recognize the symptoms, certain effective changes can be made to combat this.

Dogs have emotional ups and downs. By pin pointing these lows and creating effective changes in our pets environment, canine depression can be cured.



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Cole Hein is eleven and is suffering from a potentially lethal form of apnea.  Thanks to Bingo, his  fourteen year old  Jack Russell terrier, who is also his service dog, Cole has been saved many times.  Bingo has been trained by Canada’s National Service Dogs Organization  and the MSR Search and Rescue Association.

Bingo who is certified as a hearing, medical service and therapy dog , has been trained to alert people if Cole needs medical help.

Recently diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome, Cole has created a list of all the things he wants to do for Bingo before his dog passes.

Here’s the list:

  1. Let Bingo enjoy dog treats from around the world.
  2. Allow for Bingo to enjoy a final outing to Ruckers.
  3. Taking Bingo around the block for a walk.
  4. Arranging for a photo shoot with Cole and Bingo.

To send dog treats as a reward for all that Bingo has done for Cole, the family are asking for dog treats.They are not needing financial donations since they have pet insurance and this is covering all their veterinary bills.All extra dog treats will be donated.

Facebook Link:

Bingo Hein Facebook page

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Emergencies happen when you least expect it.Regardless of whether one has pet insurance or not, this wonderful list from von Hayden German Shepherds should be printed out and kept with your documents.Emergencies happen in an instant and can be life changing for your dog(s) as well as your family.Veterinary bills for emergency surgeries can add up to thousands within a month, and having this list together with a good pet insurance will protect your canine family in times of uncertainty and financial difficulty.

Aid for Vet Bills. Here’s the link.Please print this list and save it with your documents.

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Recent statistics indicate that in the US., over  50% of all pets have needed an emergency surgery. In 2011, an estimated $11.77 billion was spent on supplies and OTC medicine. Another $13.41 billion was spent on vet care. An estimated 92% of all pets will be faced with an emergency situation of some sort, over the course of their lifetime.

Cancer, obesity and injury are one of the leading causes of death in pets.

Veterinary services increased by 79% from 2000 to 2010.As for veterinary inflation that has averaged 5.6% per year since 2000.

Common Sudden Big Ticket Expenses for Dog Owners.

  1. Torn knee ligament or cartilage
  2. 2.Object in the intestine
  3. Object in the stomach
  4. 4.Intervertebral disc disease
  5. Stomach bloat-torsion
  6. Broken leg
  7. Laryngeal paralysis
  8. Throat tumor
  9. Ear canal surgery/ablation
  10. Ruptured bile ducts, eye proptosis and enucleation, collapsed trachea, dog bites and accidents involving cars and heavy objects.

Chronic diseases such as kidney failure, heart disease, diabetes fall under long term care and did not fall into the above list.

Pet Insurances Available Internationally , In the US and Canada.

What’s nice to know is that most pet insurances will cover pre-existing conditions if your pet has been stable for 3-12 months.However, if it is a breed specific illness, your pet may not get coverage. So your best bet is to start your policy from the puppy days or as soon as you get your dog,(s)If your dog has a medical emergency and has a surgery, it is then too late to get coverage to cover any problems arising from that particular surgery or injury.But your dog can get covered for anything else,except  veterinary care for that injury.

1. Pet Insurance

2. Go Pet Plan

3. Ascape Pet  Insurance  

4. Pets Best Insurance  – International Insurance

5. Aetna Insurance Company of Connecticut (AICC) underwrites insurance plans offered and administered by Pets Best Insurance.

6. 24 Pet Watch 

7. Shelter Care 

8. Embrace Pet Insurance 

9. Pet Assure 

10. Direct Line Pet InsuranceUK 

11.Pet Assure- Pet Insurance Discount Plans

12.Agria International-Horses, pets and agriculture

13.Crufts Pet Insurance -UK

14.Trupanion Pet Insurance - Canada




Making it a family decision to include your pets in a pet insurance plan, prevents you from being faced with an unaffordable bill in the thousands when your dog has a medical emergency.Keep in mind that some emergencies and illnessness require repeat visits to the veterinarian after surgery and those too can add up.

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Yorkshire Terrier

Fun Facts

Although classified as a toy dog, this small dog has huge presence and is a brave and an adventurously fun breed of dog.This small breed is the second most popular breed worldwide.

They enjoy defending their territory and are extremely possessive of family members, especially their one and only parent. The Yorkie displays many behaviors similar to jealousy and can become aggressive towards strangers and other dogs, despite their size.

The Yorkshire terrier enjoys swimming, trips to dog beaches and dog parks. They show their eagerness by frequent barking and are known to attack dog breeds much larger than themselves.

Purebred Yorkies have dark steel blue fur on their main body parts, with a luxurious golden tan on their face, chest and legs. Their ears are normally pricked and tail held high when active.

Intelligent and territorial as a breed, makes them have a tendency to mark their territory inside and outside their homes. This makes them harder to train, especially male Yorkies who insist on marking their spots, when encountering fellow canines.

Yorkies should be groomed every day and maintaining a short coat is often much easier for many Yorkie parents. Long haired Yorkies do get knotted and matted, especially if they play with other dogs.

Vital steps in keeping your Yorkie healthy include brushing teeth regularly, since this breed is vulnerable to gum disease and more serious teeth conditions. Yorkies also are more prone to eye proptosis,so be especially careful when playing around much larger dogs. They also frequently suffer from narrowing of the trachea or collapsing of the trachea ,so watch out for coughing or heaving sounds.

Famous Yorkies

The Famous WWII Yorkshire terrier

•    Smoky, a Yorkie hero from Cleveland, Ohio, but a war hero of World War II .Smoky was found alone in a ditch. Smoky parachuted out of airplanes and went on over 100 missions.


•    Sylvia, a Yorkshire terrier was owned by Arthur Marples of Blackburn, England, and was the smallest dog in recorded history. Sylvia passed away in 1945. Standing at only 2.5 inches tall at the shoulder, Sylvia measured 3.5 inches from nose tip to tail, and weighed close to 4 ounces.

•   During the period from 1995 through 2002 Guinness World Records listed a Yorkshire Terrier named Big Boss, as the smallest dog in the world. Big Boss was listed at 4.7 inches tall.

Average  life span is twelve to fifteen years and puppy litters are normally 2-3 puppies.

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The Soi Dog Rescue  is working together with the Thai government in putting an end to the dog meat trade.

“Everyday 1000 dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighbouring countries where they are butchered by cruel and barbaric methods. However, the Soi Dog Foundation and the Thai government are actively working to end this appalling practice.” Soi Dog Rescue.

Soi Dog Rescue:

“Those that are still alive are not humanely killed many are tortured often for hours before being skinned alive. The reason for this is that people believe that the pain inflicted leads to the tenderising of the meat. Most shocking of all, is that some dogs are still alive when their fur is removed.” Soi Dog Rescue

Please help to support this group and other Dog Rescue Groups throughout the region-Thailand, China, Vietnam to put an end to this awful trade.

Perhaps start up your very own Dog Rescue in Thailand or in other countries that are involved with this disgusting dog meat trade.

It goes without saying that all these dogs in Thailand and surrounding countries are in need of some TLC.They need happy homes and loving dog parents.Please try to adopt through Soi Dog Rescue.There are many animal travel agencies and groups that work with rescues worldwide ,and help with their transport internationally ,as well as with placing them in good homes.

This is an amazing non-profit group.Developing a community outreach spay and neuter program as well as getting all these dogs and other animals into shelters will help with their survival .The key is probably in educating communities within Asia ,as to pet health care and spay/neuter programs and showing communities that dogs do feel pain and can be your best friend to love for life!

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